ASMR Nail Art (holo tingles)
преди месец
Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends
преди месец
We Tried Making Holographic Chocolate
преди 2 месеца
Painting My Nails Upside Down
преди 2 месеца
Calling Out Companies Who Stole My Nails
Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN
Is It Food Or Is It Nail Polish?
преди 5 месеца
What's Wrong With My Face
преди 6 месеца
Reacting to Video Compilations of Me
преди 7 месеца
Swimming in a Pool of Tea (Q \u0026 Tea)
I Broke My Nail Again
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Video Calling Holo Taco Customers
преди 10 месеца
I Tried the Worst Rated Amazon Nail Products
froggylou 12345
froggylou 12345 преди 14 часа
Poor menchie (don't hate me if I spelt that wrong) 😂 menchie looks so unimpressed
Taylor Reed
Taylor Reed преди 15 часа
I love how you dedicate your time to things you love
Bella Bees
Bella Bees преди 15 часа
Is anyone confused about the time stamp on the merc
Bella Bees
Bella Bees преди 15 часа
Like there was a menchie nail polish 5 years ago
lunar eclipe's videos
lunar eclipe's videos преди 15 часа
You crazy and cringe
lunar eclipe's videos
lunar eclipe's videos преди 15 часа
Blazej jeka
Blazej jeka преди 15 часа
The festive silk ethically interrupt because character separately paste athwart a absorbing uzbekistan. damaged, teeny-tiny subway
sanchari mondal
sanchari mondal преди 15 часа
Let's just appreciate her awesome intro
Ewa Bartelak
Ewa Bartelak преди 15 часа
5:47 my fav moment
Blazej jeka
Blazej jeka преди 15 часа
The best repair jelly drum because ashtray reassuringly fade aboard a massive onion. long, tender tense woman
Blazej jeka
Blazej jeka преди 16 часа
The sticky dad regretfully cycle because airport minimally polish vice a abusive baby. wise, furry furtive raft
bunny_kiwi101 Roblox
bunny_kiwi101 Roblox преди 16 часа
Im sorry but that intro clip was the best
Stuart Bennion
Stuart Bennion преди 16 часа
your ass
Mr. Memes
Mr. Memes преди 16 часа
So I just watched a parody of Christine, I’m figuring out if it’s accurate. Yes.
Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede преди 16 часа
Isn’t that Inner colour of banana 🍌
Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede преди 16 часа
15$ = 1091 INR (I expect A LOT in that )
Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede преди 17 часа
OMG beyynn I want my bf to be Beeyyyn level of lovely 😂
Jennifer Dawes
Jennifer Dawes преди 17 часа
Omg how have I only just discovered this now? Your colours are beautiful and right up my alley! ❤️
Loving life as Matilda
Loving life as Matilda преди 17 часа
are they following the how to cook that tutorial
Eliza's Art
Eliza's Art преди 17 часа
Idk if you’ve already done this but it doesn’t matter We NEED to see a “mixing all of my unicorn skins together” because that would be the most beautiful thing ever like omg just thinking about it is just 🤯
Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede преди 17 часа
What is that hair equipment 🥺👀 I mean how much is that
breecheese12 преди 18 часа
Mya Higa
Mya Higa преди 18 часа
What about all the unicorn skins combined? 😮
sanchari mondal
sanchari mondal преди 18 часа
Me : watching her video My mum : why tf are you watching that girl murder a baby
spozbucket преди 18 часа
Christine. How are you EVER gonna use 2000 bottles of nail polish?
Jem преди 18 часа
The intro music??????
julia v
julia v преди 18 часа
i cant believe this is 4 years old now you've come so far <3
AeroFlambe1 преди 18 часа
I’ve come to the conclusion that Cristine’s grandma is a cat. Honestly, grumpy cat if he was a hooman
Lucy McDonald-Garrity
Lucy McDonald-Garrity преди 19 часа
I originally got here from the holo slime video and have stayed ever since
Emily Oldham_doughnuts penguins holo tea
Emily Oldham_doughnuts penguins holo tea преди 19 часа
Who else thinks cristine is more beautiful than all the beauty gurus combined even when she has no make up on!
krystal Marie
krystal Marie преди 19 часа
The guy @2:55 looks like Shayne Topp’s “weary traveler” character 😂🤣😂🤣
manasvi madnesss
manasvi madnesss преди 19 часа
Who remembers kris hc riley
Jaizie Jettah
Jaizie Jettah преди 19 часа
Who’s here in 2021? 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
Manna-San преди 19 часа
oh my god, and then in 2020 a mother who monetized in there special needs adopted son returned him because she didn't want to deal with him. Taped his hands together and went on vacation after they returned him.
Krista Fluttert
Krista Fluttert преди 19 часа
Shira Yaniv
Shira Yaniv преди 20 часа
Oats overnight don’t ship to my countryyyy
Keeley Weist
Keeley Weist преди 20 часа
I’ve been watching you for 6 years lmao might be on different accounts but I’ve been around for 6 years
Mimi H-Leaupepe
Mimi H-Leaupepe преди 20 часа
Me trying to figure out how to do the magical oats dance🤔
Guilty Artist
Guilty Artist преди 21 час
Beyyyyyyn gives absolutely zero fucks
Pika Levy
Pika Levy преди 21 час
Christine - “I’m sure your nails aren’t as yellow as mine” Me - ‘actively wearing lemon sucker while watching this video’ 👀
Nicole Lopez
Nicole Lopez преди 21 час
Can't wait for a non pastel creme collection.
The Child
The Child преди 21 час
Simply swole I also now wanna weight lifting but I already wanted to do that so I can hold my girlfriend better
Yasmin Rakh
Yasmin Rakh преди 21 час
Sooooo Moriah saw you do it and decided to do it herself. I seeeeeeee :3 :3 :3
Hey it’s LIANA
Hey it’s LIANA преди 21 час
She became famous one week before I became a part of this world
LeaLaurine преди 21 час
Am I the only one who's shook that she's wearing highlight? Is there light at the end of the eye-rash tunnel??
Sienna Montez
Sienna Montez преди 21 час
“All the clients look like dollie👀” “OMG they are dollie!” THEY CLONED DOLLIE😦
ConfirmDeletion преди 21 час
Safiya got me here
Alexander or Silv W
Alexander or Silv W преди 21 час
These toppers are INSANELY beautiful and so diverse to use!! The periwinkle shade is so beautiful as well.
Ally Young
Ally Young преди 22 часа
Tip don’t watch this at night you will wake someone up and not be able to explain it because you are laugh crying
#perpetuallysingle channel
#perpetuallysingle channel преди 22 часа
I'd been wondering for a long time if I should get this, and thanks to this, I no longer need it...I'll just spend it more on Holo Taco. Also, I got an ad for chrome paint for cars at the end of this video. Conspiracy? 🤷🏾‍♀️
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss преди 22 часа
I wonder how many young fans cought on the "Chaaaarlie" voice and reference haha, this was so long ago on the early years of youtube!
Julie Garcia
Julie Garcia преди 22 часа
Hello i love it, i want it
Mani Savvy
Mani Savvy преди 22 часа
it turned into such a pretty deep purple.😍
Carlos Carvalho
Carlos Carvalho преди 22 часа
“No unicorns were harmed in the making..” uh huh.. suuureeeee I haven’t seen a unicorn yet and I’m sure I won’t because you have them all locked up ina. Factory making your holo taco top coat glitters and colors. We’re on to you.
Carlos Carvalho
Carlos Carvalho преди 22 часа
@bilishu aliss seriously!! I don’t even wear nail polish and every collection she comes out with makes me want to start
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss преди 22 часа
This is an absolutely beautiful collection
Mynxiish преди 23 часа
Cristine is such a badass.
CookieDxstiny :D
CookieDxstiny :D преди 23 часа
You r channeling you inner safiya <3
Yasmin Khaled
Yasmin Khaled преди 23 часа
Hollow from the other side 😂😂👋
Amber Olsen
Amber Olsen преди 23 часа
waiting for that nail art omgggg
gracie Shields
gracie Shields преди 23 часа
how have you not aged at all
honey . star
honey . star преди 23 часа
ill take the whole stock
Shane David
Shane David преди 23 часа
This is my first time buying and I can't wait!
five5x преди 23 часа
Why have I watch 30 something videos of yours in the past few days? I don't know if it's because you're actually entertaining or if I've watched everything good on tv and youtube and this is all there is left. I'm thinking it's probably a bit of both. Say hi to my Aunt in Ottawa for me.
Lily Brosi
Lily Brosi преди 23 часа
I just watch random sh!t...
ash adams
ash adams преди ден
Does you cat clock change colors or do you change it? Also I have been watching for 3 years maybe 4! I simply love you so much! And ONE more thing! BEEEEEEEEEYN GET CRISTINE HER TEAAAAA!! You guys make me feel so happy when I have having a bad day simply my favorite BGcdr! Tell Menchie I said Hi! And tell Zahler he's so cute just like Menchie!!!💙
Maya Lewis-Wolfsen
Maya Lewis-Wolfsen преди ден
you should make your own unicorn pee!
Michelle Larronde
Michelle Larronde преди ден
I think it was all very very good! It was very relaxing, and made me feel TIREDDDD gave me some eye bags
T Jay
T Jay преди ден
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Eva Poythress
Eva Poythress преди ден
can someone PLEASE make a gif of Beyyyn sliding in saying "holo" because honestly that just made my life
Satturni преди ден
i laughed way too much watching this
Cecilia Cordeiro
Cecilia Cordeiro преди ден
What we learned: Ben hates baby’s
Toph Beyfong
Toph Beyfong преди ден
How many times have they said not a problem any Moore or anyways know those are some basic bitchs
Agnes Mina
Agnes Mina преди ден
So I speak French as a third (skill wise) / fourth (chronologically) language. I use it with clients I support by phone and email. It's certainly harder than English and no, there's no neutral gender in it (there is in Romanian and in German - and I should know whether there is in Danish but I forget XD)
ashwini bagaria
ashwini bagaria преди ден
Christine's favourite emoji - 💅💅💅
Vann West
Vann West преди ден
All I can think about is Keith from the Try Guys during the Banana Phone song!! LOL
ConuGonzalez преди ден
#perpetuallysingle channel
#perpetuallysingle channel преди ден
I found your nailpolishes from Tik Tok, and I've since purchased 7 nailpolishes, and ordered this collection too. I'm officially obsessed!!!!!