Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends

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Stay at home and paint your nails💅😷
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The Road Runner
The Road Runner преди 5 минути
I like Cristine’s more because HOLO
Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede преди 11 часа
꧁Maisie _ Moss꧂
꧁Maisie _ Moss꧂ преди 12 часа
It’s not that I bit my nails. It that my mum forces me to cut them
Scytheria サイテリア
Scytheria サイテリア преди ден
*trends for 2021* **paints "simp" on nails** yeah, seems about right.
Laura Whitcher
Laura Whitcher преди ден
You say "eczema" I say "eczema" Tbh it really tripped me up for a while lmao
Morning Potato
Morning Potato преди 2 дни
This video is what pushed me to stop biting my nails. I've made significant progress and significant length, just thought I might tell you guys how much she's helped me! (I've always wanted to grow our my nails but i used to bite die to stress. The pretty nails and her telling me to stop biting made me stop 😂)
My mom had yellow nails like that but her's came from smoking a lot of cigarettes.
Helon Baker
Helon Baker преди 2 дни
No! Wearing masks into 2022? “No!” I say again!
astro преди 2 дни
what happened to peel por-
Sharwari Marathe
Sharwari Marathe преди 2 дни
who’s here in march to look for uni dream easter eggs🤫
Jeremy Pullen
Jeremy Pullen преди 2 дни
Wow I wuz just doing my nailz wit yew and now I really like yew and think yer alot of fun,,subscribing NOW,,thanks friend
j money
j money преди 3 дни
"Simp" nails LMFAO
Amaze Slimes
Amaze Slimes преди 3 дни
But I also love how your intro is... sooooo what do I do? Well I can’t do anything and you probably won’t see this but luv ur vids bye
Amaze Slimes
Amaze Slimes преди 3 дни
I feel like you need some yellow in your intro
Kai McHargue
Kai McHargue преди 3 дни
“Don’t use your nails as tools.” Me literally trying to use my thumb nail as a coin to unscrew one of those screws you can unscrew with a coin.
Mean Pee
Mean Pee преди 3 дни
That sounds horrible but I think I've done that before.
jubabexo 248
jubabexo 248 преди 4 дни
Calligraphy is fancy handwriting basically
Natalie Bedenbaugh
Natalie Bedenbaugh преди 4 дни
So I’m an art major and do a lot of sculpture classes that make it hard to have long nails. I’m trying to find a good stick in nail company...anyone have good recommendations?
jeti 1234
jeti 1234 преди 4 дни
14.02 it makes me feel like the girl from exorcist puked on my nails
Mikayla Craghead
Mikayla Craghead преди 4 дни
jenna - life is too short to not have really exiting hair cristine- life is too short for boring nails
Thomas Petrucka
Thomas Petrucka преди 4 дни
Cristine: SIMP... ly
Saria Ouk
Saria Ouk преди 4 дни
lol Simp nails
Beth Macklem
Beth Macklem преди 4 дни
Yesssss. Rewatching videos and seeing the creme after it came out hits so different
Abdur Rahman Siddiqui
Abdur Rahman Siddiqui преди 4 дни
8:29 I was literals biting my nails :)
Gacha Spice
Gacha Spice преди 4 дни
Cristine: “grow out your nails!” Me: *bites nails out of anxiety*
Jaime Seiler
Jaime Seiler преди 4 дни
i film vids for my cousin and use.your outro " okay see ya later byyyyyeeeeeeeea
Claudia C
Claudia C преди 5 дни
Allure should be looking for ideas from you
Zoe Sager
Zoe Sager преди 5 дни
You know, I gave up all hope for 2021 being better than 2020 after trump supporters raided D.C. like was area 51. never in my whole life have I been so embarrassed to be American then that day.
ZoSoArt преди 5 дни
I'm sorry Christine, the nails must be chewed.
Samantha Horsey
Samantha Horsey преди 5 дни
🦄 🦋🧜🏼‍♀️ 🧚‍♀️🥳🥳
Senit Mesfin
Senit Mesfin преди 6 дни
Simply: “grow out your nails” Me: *cries in violinist*
xxmeee преди 6 дни
I feel like Christine completely fails to grasp the concept of each and every nail design. After watching her takes on the nail art, I just cant help but feel...disappointed. I feel this way often about her work. Its just not...there.
Mackenzie преди 5 дни
Monica Ditommaso
Monica Ditommaso преди 7 дни
Life is too short to only wear one color nail polish at a time.
Mandy Lloyd
Mandy Lloyd преди 7 дни
1) cristine needs to try poly gel and review i wanna see her reaction to it 2) i try painting my nails but up the nail polish ALWAYS peels off on it’s own and it’s annoying af
Isabel wincentsen
Isabel wincentsen преди 8 дни
Me: wants to have pretty long nails Also me: has an anxiety disorder
Asleisha Jain
Asleisha Jain преди 8 дни
i love you
Chloe преди 8 дни
Audrey Craft
Audrey Craft преди 9 дни
Murder, kidnapping investigations _- and edits_-
Murder, kidnapping investigations _- and edits_- преди 9 дни
“I nailed this trend” Nail-Ed Lol I never bite my nails
DragonOtaku2024 преди 9 дни
8:20... i wish i could paint my natural nails but because i have invisalign the polish always chips when i try to take them out so i resorted to press ons so my nails ain’t boring
Anabella Bass
Anabella Bass преди 9 дни
I never paint my nails but there still yellow sometimes
Liya Haque
Liya Haque преди 9 дни
you can file and cut fake press on nails. that’s what i do to make them fit lol. it does take a while but it’s way better then wearing nails that are to big for you
Catherine преди 9 дни
i'm having a panic attack and i'm in 30 secs in and already feel better. thanks cristine🤍
E G преди 10 дни
the way she said eczema
Yesi Medina
Yesi Medina преди 10 дни
Quote of the year When all else fails paint your nails
Ghislaine Ehara
Ghislaine Ehara преди 10 дни
Simply test kids nail art kits
Yesi Medina
Yesi Medina преди 10 дни
Flout it
Yesi Medina
Yesi Medina преди 10 дни
2:49 It is smart
Yesi Medina
Yesi Medina преди 10 дни
Your my inspiration Me when I grow up with that much nail polish cause I totally don’t already have a whole shelf of nail polish
Amanda Kerns
Amanda Kerns преди 10 дни
What!? New polish!!!! Do tell!!!
Tasoq преди 10 дни
I did the first one a lot 10 years ago lol
Deirdre Cheevers
Deirdre Cheevers преди 10 дни
Nailogical : why because we want to escape ? Me: yes yes I do please save me 😢😢😢😢 I’m having a mental break down 🥺🥺🥺
Deirdre Cheevers
Deirdre Cheevers преди 10 дни
H hm it’s Celtic please hear me Irish 😖😖😖
Sarnah Marq
Sarnah Marq преди 10 дни
That mask mani got me!!! Trying not to laugh and wake up the kids!
alyssa hartman
alyssa hartman преди 10 дни
Anyone else have the first thought “squirrels in my pants” when she put “simp” on her nails
original noon
original noon преди 10 дни
haha nice
Rameen Jan
Rameen Jan преди 10 дни
I love how she still has the same intro and still acts the same
i like eating broccoli
i like eating broccoli преди 10 дни
baileigh brown
baileigh brown преди 10 дни
@19:15 you’re eyes (or eye bc it’s only one??😂) are so pretty omg 😳
Alyssa Neilson
Alyssa Neilson преди 10 дни
You see umm my nails every time i grow break so i gave up that is why I get acrylics
bébé boudeur
bébé boudeur преди 11 дни
not sure if my nails are constantly breaking or if I'm the one taking them apart -since this pandemic started- but, idk how to make them grow again
ItsJadeGreen преди 11 дни
5:58 did you know its actually “a barbie girl in THE barbie world” look it up im fr the song says THE barbie world just i swear it was A barbie world as a kid? Any1 else
Perri Potter
Perri Potter преди 11 дни
Cristine : People are looking for new- Ad : NEW MAYBELLINE EYEBROW BRUSH!
Rileyann Kinne
Rileyann Kinne преди 11 дни
**cries in anxiety and chews nails to deal with it**
Tricia Lullo
Tricia Lullo преди 11 дни
Bring back airbrush nail art !!
Moonlight Himiko
Moonlight Himiko преди 11 дни
Christine? Doing nail art? Noooo!
Rainbow Games
Rainbow Games преди 11 дни
That pistachio green kinda made me feel relaxed I don’t know why tho
Stine Family
Stine Family преди 11 дни
Avery Nelson
Avery Nelson преди 11 дни
She could have done nailogical but then shed have to paint her other hand too
Cameron Zurbrigg
Cameron Zurbrigg преди 12 дни
Why did it take me forever to figure out she was saying "Cristine Again" not "Cristina Gen"
Victoria Huber
Victoria Huber преди 12 дни
Watch Laura lee !!! She’s into neutrals and I love her makeup vids!!
Victoria Huber
Victoria Huber преди 12 дни
It’s 2021 though
Victoria Huber
Victoria Huber преди 12 дни
@me next time when you say stop biting your nails 😂😂😂😂
Victoria Huber
Victoria Huber преди 12 дни
“I nailed this one” bu sun ssss. 😂
Erin Jamison
Erin Jamison преди 12 дни
I love how I was literally biting my nails when she started yelling at the audience to stop biting their nails😐😂😂
Maria Williams
Maria Williams преди 12 дни
I love that Cristine used tape even though the nails come with adhesive strips
* -Au_Nerd- *
* -Au_Nerd- * преди 12 дни
Simply: Grow out your nails! Me: *cries in gay*
Maggot St. Pierre
Maggot St. Pierre преди 12 дни
Oof lol felt that
Amina Attia
Amina Attia преди 12 дни
I love you sis and you actually did not shanged form 2016 😐
cloudsxpartx clouds
cloudsxpartx clouds преди 12 дни
Simply - grow your nails Me- cries in my nail fell of so it doesn't grow so non of my nails will never ever be the same size 😂😭
renaeion преди 12 дни
cristine: grow out your nails! me: ok also me: *musician*
Hooligan Bruv
Hooligan Bruv преди 12 дни
Jason Borne
Jason Borne преди 12 дни
I tried your orange look at 14 minutes except I started with white, put some orange water colour paint on, then copied your other steps and I love it!
ANIXM3 преди 12 дни
since 2018 hbu?
Mackenzie Cox
Mackenzie Cox преди 13 дни
if you call a top coat a taco you should call a base coat a bacon
ramen преди 13 дни
Oh flashback to the time where she broke her nail when opening her car trunk- 🤠
Hannah Stamper
Hannah Stamper преди 13 дни
U should do a video with poly gel!!!!!!!!💕
Savannah Tomlins
Savannah Tomlins преди 13 дни
I just love Christin she is awesome and I love watching you paint your nails
Bree Jones
Bree Jones преди 13 дни
Love this shes amazing
Mari Star
Mari Star преди 13 дни
"GROW OUT YOUR NAILS!" Me being a lesbian; Haha, about that...
Mari Star
Mari Star преди 6 дни
@Mirabel Breckenridge 😂😂
Mirabel Breckenridge
Mirabel Breckenridge преди 8 дни
SHANNA Pineda преди 14 дни
Ridge filler base prevents. And if yellow, buff with soft sponge board and high shine buff...
Natalia Nunez
Natalia Nunez преди 14 дни
Ur vids are the best you are so funny and ur my favorite and ur other vid where you put olive oil and it grew over night it worked for me!
Kookphoria Kookie
Kookphoria Kookie преди 14 дни
“Not because I’m dirty” Me:”not because I’m dirty not because I’m clean not because I kissed a boy behind a magazine-what is wrong with me?” Seriously what is wrong with me?
lisa jennifer
lisa jennifer преди 14 дни
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Your Fellow Weeb
Your Fellow Weeb преди 15 дни
Me: wants to grow out my nails Also me: a volleyball player. Specifically a libero
Ruby JT
Ruby JT преди 15 дни
i recently got braces so i can’t take credit fully, but i stopped biting my nails (which i have been biting since i was about 4) and i am kind of proud of myself bc it’s harder than ppl think it is. it’s like any other bad habit. i won’t say addiction bc they’re fully different. but just thought i should say, i always would be like “i’m trying cristine” when you would say “stop birthing your nails” in previous videos. but long story short, i no longer bite my nails 🤙🏻
Manoon Anim
Manoon Anim преди 15 дни
I bought soooo many nail polishes today … thinking about you … I’m actually wearing duo chrome with a HOLOTACO 😜❤️
Brittany Carmona
Brittany Carmona преди 15 дни
I need gel polish from you
bunny lover
bunny lover преди 16 дни
Nail polish on my fingernails: chips off if I sneeze Nail polish on my toenails: could survive a nuclear war
奇妙七月 преди 16 дни
“Grow out you nails!” Me who plays violin and is not allowed to have long nails: *sobs in corner*
Anna Paith
Anna Paith преди 16 дни
on the 2 nail pic it said simp cus the l and the y are on her thum and you can't see the thum
Othala Mama
Othala Mama преди 16 дни
This article is painful lol
Nails by Melody
Nails by Melody преди 16 дни
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