We Tried Making Holographic Chocolate

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Loving life as Matilda
Loving life as Matilda преди 16 часа
are they following the how to cook that tutorial
Makaehla Reese
Makaehla Reese преди ден
cristine, i’m 12 and i understand what ben is talking abt with the holo mold
om 40prog
om 40prog преди 3 дни
Should have tapped the tray on counter before cooling.
Toni Genaro
Toni Genaro преди 4 дни
The last time i was here Ben was shy, now he is the owner of this channel lol
Thao Ngan Pham
Thao Ngan Pham преди 4 дни
Ben : trying to explain everything in scientifically Cristine : you see magic. Holo is transferring
kumo преди 5 дни
i need a relationship like theirs 🥺
Ashley Myres
Ashley Myres преди 5 дни
Girly Skullz
Girly Skullz преди 6 дни
.... I wonder where Ben got his sources cus you're really not supposed to use a double boiler to temper chocolate cus it gets way too hot
Antonio Leon
Antonio Leon преди 6 дни
HAHAHAHA the chocolate zoom in at 16:27 its still killing me 😂
Shamae Bench
Shamae Bench преди 6 дни
Who else made tea after Cristine gave her teatourial and it transformed the way that drink tea now
Liz преди 7 дни
i just got an ad that said "stop using nail polish" exCUSE ME??? Do you know what channel this is?
Hola Ninos
Hola Ninos преди 7 дни
The start had me dying here’s Ben using all his big words explaining how the texture on the sheet leaves an imprint on the chocolate thus leaving it with a pattern that makes it refract white light and make the rainbow holo shine and then there’s Christine just picking words out like “ chocolate“ “holo“ equals “holo chocolate“ XDDD
Eminny преди 7 дни
But but but that's not how you make the tea latte 🥺 the water is fine but you're supposed to use 4 perfect spoons if it's a hot tea latte not just 1 or is not going to taste like anything 😭😭😭
Lilah Just Lilah
Lilah Just Lilah преди 7 дни
I love you simply you are remind me of a 3 year old😁😁🍓🍓🖤🖤
KC uwu
KC uwu преди 7 дни
i appreciate the work ben did here 🤚
Neda Kišlaitė
Neda Kišlaitė преди 8 дни
May i ask why there is baking soda in the fridge? Lol
Violeta преди 9 дни
Oh I didn’t know mercy had the same commercial song on every language
Elvendore Sparrows
Elvendore Sparrows преди 9 дни
*inhales* holo choco
kim eades
kim eades преди 9 дни
Um... I love his her follow count run is 7.69 million?...
Hannah Fulton
Hannah Fulton преди 9 дни
the argument about wether the chocolate is edible or not had me dying
Renae McCabe
Renae McCabe преди 9 дни
Disappointment when you step on leave but no crunch disappointment😭
Alina Perales
Alina Perales преди 10 дни
Christine and ben: abt to pull the holo off the first chocolate Spanish mcdonald’s ad: WASSUP BOIIII
Eventing Georgina
Eventing Georgina преди 11 дни
I love Christine but that was not tea that was an abomination that is not how you make tea
Milica Pejin
Milica Pejin преди 11 дни
The title should simply be Ben making holo chocolate and being comfortable on camera.
Ally Young
Ally Young преди 12 дни
I think she’s high
Sawaiz Naseem
Sawaiz Naseem преди 12 дни
why is this video not named "holo choco" again?? #holotaco
Leah Wilson
Leah Wilson преди 12 дни
This is literally so cool
G C преди 13 дни
Simply and beyyyn : We don’t believe in marriage, We don’t believe in Christmas Me: WHATS NEXT?. EASTER?.?
G C преди 13 дни
Ben: So there are basically little lines that will reflect light and create a holographic beam of light Simply: Yeah so magic
•Biskuit Boba•
•Biskuit Boba• преди 14 дни
Ben: *Science stuff* Cristine: H o l o !
Apple Jacks
Apple Jacks преди 15 дни
When you’re an “expert” at tempering chocolate because of gourmet makes😂😂
Sofi Cifuvilla
Sofi Cifuvilla преди 16 дни
Ben had a huge character development Ahshshs
Taylor Cole
Taylor Cole преди 17 дни
Ben looks like he had so much fun in this video. I love it!
amandaarell преди 17 дни
So I do love you! and Ill do you a solid, if you ever were to die in a tragic accident, slipping on ice or whatever. Ill take care of Ben for you! Maaaan, is he the man of my dreams!
{gacha._. glitch._. }
{gacha._. glitch._. } преди 18 дни
Hidie Ives
Hidie Ives преди 18 дни
Originally I subbed for the nail art, but now I’m invested in their dynamic duo. Thanks Y’all for brightening up my mornin. Howdy from Texas (*´∀`)~♥
olivia_the_oof преди 19 дни
6:05 simply teatorial
xxLewzer Artsxx
xxLewzer Artsxx преди 20 дни
When cristine pulled the foil up and it worked all i thought of was the one meme thats like "u crazy son of a bitch, you did it"
Kacy Newman
Kacy Newman преди 21 ден
Just in case anyone wants to try this: The problem they had is that all the chocolate wasn’t fluid enough to fill the fine grooves, therefore it didn’t pick up the pattern. They also would have benefited from banging the sheet pan on the counter a couple times so the chocolate settles into the grooves better. And maybe use a heavier hand/more force when spreading the chocolate so it is forced into the grooves.
Namami преди 21 ден
I predict somewhere in the future this will be all over the recommendation
Sharp_ shooter
Sharp_ shooter преди 21 ден
Its super cool how bens grown so much on this channel, when he was first in the videos he was kind of shy and didn't talk as much but not hes in a bunch of videos and has more energy,
Krisha Sison
Krisha Sison преди 22 дни
its kind a sad that your guys is christmas is delay :(
tntuof преди 23 дни
"Now put the toaster in the microwave" 🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Witney
Jessica Witney преди 23 дни
Ann Rearden explained the science behind this amazingly on her channel “How to cook that,” very very informative!
Jes преди 24 дни
I just love them so much
xx Lucy
xx Lucy преди 24 дни
THE WAY U MAKE TEA GIVES MEE PTSD!! proof that Americans don't know what a propper cuppa is
Natalia S
Natalia S преди 25 дни
it's called diffraction grating actually.
chan's laptop
chan's laptop преди 25 дни
ben literally did everything and cristine still made it about her HAHAHSBDJDBD
shinyshinythings преди 25 дни
Real highlight of this video is Cristine *making her own tea*!
Isabella Jabarin
Isabella Jabarin преди 25 дни
If you want to save chocolate you can save it for 6 months
Carrie Brown
Carrie Brown преди 25 дни
Old video, I know, but I'm hoping someone can answer this. So, if you can use this to make holo chocolate, could you melt silver sugar sand down, put it on this film, & use it to make the silver holo sugar that cafe in India claimed they used for their Diamond Cappuccino? Basically, could this stuff be used to make holo sugar?
Maria Ferns
Maria Ferns преди 26 дни
Everyone: Bens talking a lot more now Me: *waiting for them to eat the chocolate* 👁👄👁
Rakan Charming
Rakan Charming преди 27 дни
You know i was thinking, I wonder if this is how they make that holo cappuccino but using like sugar or something else?
Lydia Wilke
Lydia Wilke преди 27 дни
I was watching the video and found out my grandma died 20 minutes ago
Nerdy Nails
Nerdy Nails преди 29 дни
That's pretty cool!
Kamilė Verčikai
Kamilė Verčikai преди 29 дни
I wont be surprised if in the next video we see the furniture be holo
Premnath Rao
Premnath Rao преди 29 дни
Nail polish making arts Kala idea process
Im shooketh
Im shooketh преди месец
Who is this woman on Ben's channel?
prabhdeep1699 преди месец
I am 11 years old and I also understand what is ben saying?
R. H.
R. H. преди месец
This is crazy I’m amazed
Mac Puppy
Mac Puppy преди месец
1:19 Me: wOt
olivia griffith
olivia griffith преди месец
Can you try the nail product called blinger
Katara преди месец
E преди месец
I thought I heard a child in the background at 11:44 but it was just one of the cats 🤣🤣🤣
Sil Kiv
Sil Kiv преди месец
*Cristine end Ben saying that melting chocolate on boiling water is tricky* Me being almost 20 years younger and having been doing it my whole life: 👁👄👁 And no, my family does not make things out of chocolate for a living and not even as a hobby😂
User ordi
User ordi преди месец
La la la lahhhhhh, so obnoxious hahah
insectbah преди месец
dw Ben I understood your explanation
Rippidy преди месец
I paused the video to buy the milk frother.. 😂 overall wonderful video!
sam weatherall
sam weatherall преди месец
iPyromantic преди месец
Cristine was joking around with this but honestly I loved seeing Ben get so psyched about this. Because I'm honestly gobsmacked - this is some AWESOME science and I need to try this myself.
Catherine Daisey
Catherine Daisey преди месец
are her and ben still dating
Nelly AlMasri
Nelly AlMasri преди месец
@denitslava loves glitter alsooo😂🌚
Ms Audra
Ms Audra преди месец
Was hoping you'd make HOLO edibles.
tvesha mullick
tvesha mullick преди месец
how to cook that made a similar vid to this! i suggest you check it out!
seemsfishy23 преди месец
Think of it like this- if tiny lines can be etched into a sheet of paper to make it defract holo light, and tiny lines can be etched into glass to make it defract holo, there’s nothing stopping a flat sheet of chocolates from behaving the same way. We associate something clear with being holo, but anything flat of any color can be etched to defract holo light, including chocolate!
Kitty K
Kitty K преди месец
Holo Super simp merch please 🙏🏻
Alora Lindt
Alora Lindt преди месец
So funny story I put my cat in my bedroom and he loved watching this video he even touched the screen with his paw
Merengue reee
Merengue reee преди месец
Raksmey Yem
Raksmey Yem преди месец
Make a again make the one that did not work in Melt'd
Maniska Maitri
Maniska Maitri преди месец
Ben :- My sis Cristine :- Me When she explains me something 🙂😂
Marije Hammel
Marije Hammel преди месец
Of course it's real! Reardon did it and she's legit.
Ross Mcnab
Ross Mcnab преди месец
Just another nail n makeup channel, here's me holding out hope but I was a fool to think there was some content here.
SELENA :D преди месец
Notice how when Ben was explaining and Cristine was just translating it into her own language 1:10
Terry Brown
Terry Brown преди месец
I am allergic to chooclate.
Madison Thompson
Madison Thompson преди месец
Holo choco
Simply Peterlogical Holosexual
Simply Peterlogical Holosexual преди месец
you can make a burger with this film
Emily Mathews
Emily Mathews преди месец
Ben shaking the film so much in the beginning KILLS me.
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage преди месец
Cristine's chaotic evil is really showing 😂
Julia преди месец
“You simp for simply” BEYYYYNN!
Sara Pajek
Sara Pajek преди месец
u are my main source of happines rn :)
Stephanie White
Stephanie White преди месец
Crustien: ok let all say Christine the holo queen Me: ok. Christine the holo queen
Angel Chuu
Angel Chuu преди месец
edianeh преди месец
Like legally blonde lmaoooo
JEREMIAH преди месец
look at ben being a smart benana
Jose Vizcaino
Jose Vizcaino преди месец
Nobody: Me watching bEyn and simply making holo chocolate while eating chipotle leftovers 🙃👌🏼
pressley Hammonds
pressley Hammonds преди месец
If you put the chocolate in the microwave before it melts enough it will burn I make chocolate stuff with my mom 😂 I j ow a lot about chocolate 🤣
wolf pawz
wolf pawz преди месец
This video is full of tutorials! I like it :3
Han Nes
Han Nes преди месец
Ben is such a dad
•R A S P B E R R Y - S O D A•
•R A S P B E R R Y - S O D A• преди месец
@EvanandKatelin go check out their channel they made a holo 1mil plaque. Ps, my phone is holo beech!🧋💿 (it’s the Samsung A71)
Audrey Opland
Audrey Opland преди месец
It feels illegal to eat holo because it is just to beautiful
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