Rainbow Scratch-Off Nails (stress-relieving nail art search)

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Itz_midnight преди 2 дни
no one: Cristine: 0:12 today on this episode of simplynailogical does nail art. me: wait what?! so she's done doing the stupid but funny videos and finally going back to doing actual nail art @-@ (ps. i love your videos Cristine!! did you know my sister's name is Christine but with an h? its kind of funny xD)
Sr.Braydondo преди 2 дни
this would be really fun if you had someone else and you painted each other’s nails and then put black on it without letting the other see
kayla p
kayla p преди 5 дни
OMFG Where did you get your cup!!!!???
Raine Rupp
Raine Rupp преди 6 дни
The blue eye girl!
andrea sofixnz
andrea sofixnz преди 7 дни
THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO RELAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EmEs Girl
EmEs Girl преди 8 дни
Am I the only one who laughed when she caled Gibi "gibby"?💀
Jodie Garner
Jodie Garner преди 10 дни
"goo-wash" paint is just the worst pronunciation of gouache paint I've ever heard, it's similar to watercolor, but not as transparent. Acrylic, or at least the cheap $1 or less acrylic bottles most people have, is used more in crafts than painting "professionally". Given the low price and thin paint, it's obviously not high quality, but it's cheap if all you need is some color or you want something really easily damaged.
Vajih Family
Vajih Family преди 10 дни
5:21 she looks like she's your sister!
alma schreiber levi
alma schreiber levi преди 11 дни
i need moreeee troom troom videos from youuuu:)
melody martinez
melody martinez преди 12 дни
wish i could see jenna marbles do this 😭😭
mylastbraincell преди 13 дни
Who else noticed that she was wearing her holo taco rainbow collection on her main hand?
Yogitha Manu Bopaiah
Yogitha Manu Bopaiah преди 15 дни
Kealey Shohet
Kealey Shohet преди 17 дни
i actually figured out how to do this as a kid. i figured out how to do it randomly and it has helped a lot with anxiety and my panic attacks.
Theod Mi
Theod Mi преди 17 дни
Question: how many cups of tea do you drink every day?
Reality the2nd
Reality the2nd преди 19 дни
"that would just annoy the shit out of people" 🤣
Heili M.
Heili M. преди 21 ден
I'm surprised how she hasn't made a video of her painting her nails to look like covid-19
xStellar ඞ
xStellar ඞ преди 27 дни
Maybe these was recorded 7 years ago and they're all dead now. No wonder why they don't know Peel Off Base Coats and Liquid Latex.
Rae Bass
Rae Bass преди 27 дни
my expectations are high because of ben
Anwita Bhati
Anwita Bhati преди 29 дни
That camera angle tho😍🤤
omgwtfMindyloo преди месец
I have been looking for large-handled mugs for ages, and am very jealous of your gorgeous tea mugs. Do you remember where you got them? If they are a family heirloom, I may have to adopt you.
jeidi01 преди месец
Turns out Cristine is really good at making ASMR vids!
Browny Bobbette
Browny Bobbette преди месец
Is this a nail art video from simply nailogical???????
B Pieper
B Pieper преди месец
It’s so ironic Cristine is talking how she’s not into ASMR in this vid but she just made an ASMR video now 😂
Renée Skaugen
Renée Skaugen преди месец
Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené
Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené преди месец
Cristine: I hate ASMR Ctistine 9 months later: Makes ASMR nail art video LOL
Bob the Bob
Bob the Bob преди месец
Well holo
Amber Price
Amber Price преди месец
ASMR just makes me laugh so much! xD
Isabelle Dowbysch
Isabelle Dowbysch преди месец
I too hate ASMR
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart преди месец
who's here after simply's new ASMR video?🤠
Bee преди месец
Troom troom: goo-wash Cristine: goo-wash Me: gwash Artstore: gouache
Queen Carter
Queen Carter преди месец
Woahh!!! Coolest thing of all time
Nails and more
Nails and more преди месец
13:42 Ben: ok you have fun dear 😘 So sweet 😇
Ecwin Ribeiro
Ecwin Ribeiro преди месец
I almost fell asleep while watching this
Afnan Khan Ramisa
Afnan Khan Ramisa преди месец
Gibby xD
nobody преди месец
we need holo-tea for u im serious
M T преди месец
Leah Robertson
Leah Robertson преди месец
"Omg I have to get out. BUT I CAN'T GET OUT!!!" Quote by Christine 😂
Kristin johanne Btfoss
Kristin johanne Btfoss преди месец
Holo is life
Kristin johanne Btfoss
Kristin johanne Btfoss преди месец
Kristin johanne Btfoss
Kristin johanne Btfoss преди месец
Kristin johanne Btfoss
Kristin johanne Btfoss преди месец
Omg i live u sinply
Kawaii Panda - Gacha Life
Kawaii Panda - Gacha Life преди месец
BITCH I have that gibi video on my watch later list lol but what a coincidence
Nails by Amy
Nails by Amy преди месец
kady heron
kady heron преди месец
me picking at my nails when Cristine says not to do that: okay, fine, mom, i’ll stop.
꧁ ThisGirlMakesGacha ꧂
꧁ ThisGirlMakesGacha ꧂ преди месец
Painting my nails makes me stressed
Mele G
Mele G преди месец
Do I work with holo taco
Lucci gang
Lucci gang преди месец
all the fun art channels making really cool and intricate pictures with scratch books me taking an hour to just take a coin and scratch off literally all the black bc im i frickin child like if relatable
Tia Smith
Tia Smith преди месец
I've been painting my nails everyday and wearing nail oil to grow my nails Cristine, I hope you're proud
Sourpatchkiiddoo The Chaotic Gay
Sourpatchkiiddoo The Chaotic Gay преди месец
Grace Edits
Grace Edits преди месец
when you think its clickbait but you find out she doesnt lie :)
Karolina Chodakowska
Karolina Chodakowska преди месец
You were doing your's nails nice and when i was watching it i messed up my gliter nails... :,(
Vicktoria Veela
Vicktoria Veela преди месец
We all know the real reason we relax when doing our nails. It's because we get high on the fumes
Valkyrie Sanborn
Valkyrie Sanborn преди месец
Asmr stresses me out.
MauiStarz *
MauiStarz * преди месец
This looks like fun lol
Katie преди месец
Am I the only one who WHEEZED at the clip of the troom troom women in her pants pretending to be a dinosaur??? I literally crieddddd
Remy R.
Remy R. преди месец
You could do a game show where Ben has to guess what's on your nails by only revealing a small part of it with scratch off.
Trisha Helmer
Trisha Helmer преди месец
I have broken my nail before and IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH! I cry soooooooo much on that day. TmT
Cambria преди месец
*whispering* “maybe I should do asmr scratch off nail art” “maybe I’m doing that right now” that killed me 😂😂😂
CutieBun Videos
CutieBun Videos преди 2 месеца
Here’s something for the paint for scratching you nails and stuff instead of the black thing you use black paint and dishwashing liquid and stir it but it will take a while to dry.
Chiken Foot
Chiken Foot преди 2 месеца
It kinda looks like space and the glitter are the stars 🌌
Marybeth Gilbride
Marybeth Gilbride преди 2 месеца
i found th yesterday at 10 am
Jane Catherine
Jane Catherine преди 2 месеца
When she said does nail art did anyone else do this 😮
Sageシ преди 2 месеца
*"iTs n0t a Pr0bLeM aNyMoRe"*
X._.Elizabeth._ X
X._.Elizabeth._ X преди 2 месеца
You should make a peel off base coat that has hollo in it
Miranda Jones
Miranda Jones преди 2 месеца
I love how my nails look with nail polish, specially with certain colours that look very nice on my hands but painting my nails is fucking stressful for me lol so I only do it on special occasions.
Carsbackfromthedead :0
Carsbackfromthedead :0 преди 2 месеца
Uhhhh I’m always super stressed when I get a manicure
Weird Anndrea
Weird Anndrea преди 2 месеца
Gibi is my fave Asmr BGcdr
potato bunny
potato bunny преди 2 месеца
Everything about ASMR makes me so uncomfortable
Ele Cops aka Eleishia
Ele Cops aka Eleishia преди 2 месеца
Same, it honestly stresses me out lol 😂
Sowmya Rengarajan
Sowmya Rengarajan преди 2 месеца
Okay 6:05 Doesn't the woman in the troom troom video look kinda like Christine?
Jaclyn преди 2 месеца
Beautiful art!! Also, honestly, when you're whispering with the music, it's very ASMR-esque and I found it INCREDIBLY relaxing.
lilliana mendez
lilliana mendez преди 2 месеца
She keeps the "diy" teenage years vibes going somehow and they're also helpful.
Elizaveta Maro
Elizaveta Maro преди 2 месеца
The giant income presently crash because iris customarily pinch onto a lacking barbara. overrated, stingy magic
Elizaveta Maro
Elizaveta Maro преди 2 месеца
The complete editor qualitatively escape because look electronically possess plus a joyous boy. warm, bloody aluminum
Erin Marrash
Erin Marrash преди 2 месеца
I agree christine, cant STAND asmr!
Alexander преди 2 месеца
the "goowash" paint is actually Gouache paint, its pretty common and like a mix of watercolor and acrylic
Jalayla Huguely
Jalayla Huguely преди 2 месеца
Christine: I am really stressed out lately Me:Aren’t we all this is 2020!
•AaliyahKitty UwU•
•AaliyahKitty UwU• преди 2 месеца
The thumbnail looks like clickbait but it isnt...........
Annabella Federico
Annabella Federico преди 2 месеца
the arms hurts my ears...
Mileys pig Bautista
Mileys pig Bautista преди 2 месеца
Omg she does nail art too I have watched her for a long time and I never knew that
Janehorlovehorse sk
Janehorlovehorse sk преди 2 месеца
Tell me who can hate her 💁?
Alexa Grace
Alexa Grace преди 2 месеца
This is posted on my birthday
•peachii •
•peachii • преди 2 месеца
0:18 what a og time taken devistated amazing "stress revealing" name Also I just started watching your videos and I really love it!!! You're like literally my favourite BGcdr now and sorry if I misspelled anything English isn't my first language
Fabulous Gachas
Fabulous Gachas преди 2 месеца
3:27 same it sacres me
XxzoexdreamzxX преди 2 месеца
Stellan Reed
Stellan Reed преди 2 месеца
omg what if you got someone else to paint your nails so that when you scratch it off it's a REAL SURPRISE
Avah & Bella
Avah & Bella преди 2 месеца
To me people whispering in asmr’s makes me annoyed- like sPEAK UP YOU DONT NEED TO WHISPER
Melissa Ospina
Melissa Ospina преди 2 месеца
I can't deal with ASMR or mukbang videos. No, mmh-mmh. Bye bye.
Shodasika Rajesh Kumar
Shodasika Rajesh Kumar преди 2 месеца
I also dont find ASMR entertaining or stress relieving. Many people like it but I prefer normal videos lol.
Sparkle Stars
Sparkle Stars преди 2 месеца
Bronson Brown
Bronson Brown преди 2 месеца
I hate ASMR because I hate hearing people whisper. It’s like a nails on a chalk board.
Penelope Robinson
Penelope Robinson преди 2 месеца
Remember when she did a nails fail video and scratch off was a fail! Welp would you look at that!
giovanna преди 2 месеца
time really passes differently in 2020, i literaly thought i watched this video more than a year ago only to find out it came out on may ._.
Kennedy Valdez
Kennedy Valdez преди 2 месеца
Video : I can not paint my nails to save my life, neither can you Christine : TrIgGeReD
Îtz_Fûnt!më Fûnñlŷ
Îtz_Fûnt!më Fûnñlŷ преди 2 месеца
I hate when people whisper or do asmr because it makes me stressed and anxious. IT TRIGGERS ME
prisilla mayorga
prisilla mayorga преди 2 месеца
if you mix the paint with soap it won't dry completetly and will create that substance on the scratch off paper thingy
georgie hastings
georgie hastings преди 2 месеца
I got one coat black and scattered holo taco 🌮 last year for my birthday/Christmas. Every time I have a new friend over I shock them with it and compare it to Maybelline black. I want them all 😂 you've inspired so many of my nail designs. Unfortunately I can't seen to stop biting my nails so I do acrylics. Plz do a vid of hacks to stop picking cuticles nails and biting them please 💖😘🥺
AziAzi391 AziAzi391
AziAzi391 AziAzi391 преди 2 месеца
You are lucky you can paint your nails because my parents dot let me paint my nails fun coloures.
Nina Mccabe
Nina Mccabe преди 3 месеца
You should start a Tik Tok channel!!
Random Stuff
Random Stuff преди 3 месеца
Uhdecfeirhrenfjhnejrfjenfrn N dsdscndcswdnc
Uhdecfeirhrenfjhnejrfjenfrn N dsdscndcswdnc преди 3 месеца
Christine now Sponsors Gibi ASMR.
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