How Many Bottles of Nail Polish Can I Lift?

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Kathleen Arnold
Kathleen Arnold преди 25 минути
Was this our first sneek peak at the new cotton candy unicorn dream blue and pink polish at 2:02 ?
aileen sandoval
aileen sandoval преди час
oooh Cristine, what has this channel come too.. 😂
Baylee Brown
Baylee Brown преди час
I thot you loved tea
April Richardson
April Richardson преди 2 часа
Simply encourages me to be myself lol
Cassiopeia Baker
Cassiopeia Baker преди 2 часа
Iveta Stripeikaite
Iveta Stripeikaite преди 3 часа
Thank you SO MUCH for making this video! What a motivational piece of content!!
Katryna Juliana
Katryna Juliana преди 6 часа
Here cause of nail art 😇😂
iiVixian преди 6 часа
you should apply for a guinness world record simply!!!
Sane Insane
Sane Insane преди 13 часа
You should do a one coat challenge where you paint your nails using only one coat of whatever colours of nail polishes
Lucy McDonald-Garrity
Lucy McDonald-Garrity преди 18 часа
I originally got here from the holo slime video and have stayed ever since
Keeley Weist
Keeley Weist преди 19 часа
I’ve been watching you for 6 years lmao might be on different accounts but I’ve been around for 6 years
The Child
The Child преди 20 часа
Simply swole I also now wanna weight lifting but I already wanted to do that so I can hold my girlfriend better
ConfirmDeletion преди 20 часа
Safiya got me here
Mynxiish преди 22 часа
Cristine is such a badass.
ashwini bagaria
ashwini bagaria преди 23 часа
Christine's favourite emoji - 💅💅💅
Lucy D.
Lucy D. преди ден
Next video: Making my home gym HOLO💿
Rylee Horchem
Rylee Horchem преди ден
Clarisse Santos Nogueira
Clarisse Santos Nogueira преди ден
Here we have Christine spoiling again the new collection on her nails,hahahah
Dru преди ден
I got here from Safiya following to your tutorial
BabzieJean преди ден
Ben being your hype man was all I needed in this video.
Adila M.
Adila M. преди ден
I need a man like ben!
Madline Quinn
Madline Quinn преди ден
Been here for a very long time started watching when you were just voiceovers, I would watch you with my best friend while we did our nails, and I love how Ben worries everytime it wobbles and Christine does it beautifully and he praises her
Jovan Jones
Jovan Jones преди ден
We've all seen mench on a bench but what about zye(zyler)on a thigh... I re read it and please don't take it the wrong way lol
Julie Josefsen
Julie Josefsen преди ден
How did i get here Well i watched safia and the i came to your channel
Ella Smith
Ella Smith преди ден
I first found out about you through Safiya Nyygard
Mariah Virula
Mariah Virula преди ден
DUDE!!! Simplyfitlogical!!! Your Lats are 🤘🏽
confetti преди ден
This makes me miss the gym 😭
Aidyn Erwin
Aidyn Erwin преди ден
safaiya naigard, thats how i got here
Ava Noelle
Ava Noelle преди 2 дни
You see, i was going to answer how I got here, until I realized that I had no idea.
Sie Renee
Sie Renee преди 2 дни
BEn looks like my dad O_o
CaptainAliciaEff преди 2 дни
Cristine: It's about being better than yourself Me who has gotten weaker and less athletic over the years: :'( *I'm just kidding, this did not actually make me sad. Just thought it was funny
Litzalocks преди 2 дни
I mean I can’t imagine being able to lift anything heavy while laying down with your back being in a relaxed position. I imagine you’d pull something. So having an arched back kinda makes sense to me.
ReSprout преди 2 дни
Ok, oddly, this is how I got here... I don't wear nail polish. And I don't weight lift. However one of the commenters on MY channel said I reminded her of you and that we had the same insane corniness so I had to watch! You are hilarious! The whole concept of this video is hilarious! I'm a martial artist. I could do something similar on my gardening channel. Some sort of martials arts meets gardening fusion video. 😂😂😂
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller преди 2 дни
Cristine is so motivating!! I know she totally does not want to brag, but I'm so glad that she shared this!
Alyce Bagnath
Alyce Bagnath преди 2 дни
I got to this channel because I was looking for manicure ideas. And now I’m a super simply simp 😍
Marta Biso
Marta Biso преди 2 дни
I watched this video when you released it and at the time I could barely bench 35kg. On Monday I did my personal best and got to lift confidently 46kg. I already look up to you in general, for years, for being such a fun but also strong business woman. I also been working out with weights for a couple of months now and I just wanted to say you gave me that push I needed! Thank you so so much!
The wear Side of sulenny
The wear Side of sulenny преди 2 дни
Cristina plz try polygel
Raven Lyss
Raven Lyss преди 2 дни
I can't believe I've been subscribed for 5 years. Here before polish mountain. The longest subscription I have.
Ana Pantoja
Ana Pantoja преди 2 дни
I honestly wasn't that impressed until I realized >I< weigh 109 lbs. Like. I could hold on to that bar sloth-style and Cristine would be able to LIFT ME UP. That is absolutely amazing, she is so strong
רוני שביט ריביר
רוני שביט ריביר преди 2 дни
Today I learned that I weight 500 bottles of holo taco
Danielle Palmer
Danielle Palmer преди 2 дни
I just gotta say - your back!!! Those pull ups!! INCREDIBLE !!! 🙀🤩💪
S A K U R A преди 2 дни
SAREE HOUSE преди 2 дни
The thing that freaks me out is the fact that she had to put all these nail polish bottles back in place now that is boring especially for such a strangly fun person
Makayla Fairbotham
Makayla Fairbotham преди 2 дни
I bet she feels like a badass every time she gets ready to bench press (the part where she pushes her body under the bar to get in the formation)
Spam Musubi
Spam Musubi преди 2 дни
Those muscles WOW
Shannah Conroy
Shannah Conroy преди 2 дни
I got here through Safiya (but I watch you more now 🤫 don't tell)
Famishedbat преди 2 дни
Spot the polish
siennaPlayz преди 3 дни
🖊 pen*
siennaPlayz преди 3 дни
aaaaa what Type of pet is that
Ryhanna __ XOXO
Ryhanna __ XOXO преди 3 дни
Light weight BABEEEEYY......nothing but a peanut 😅 (if u know u know)
0.rainbow.fire0 _
0.rainbow.fire0 _ преди 3 дни
500 bottles of polish in bags, 500 bottles of polish, add the bar, bench the bar, that's too many bottles of nail polish for her!
Rising Tide
Rising Tide преди 3 дни
Christine has inspired me to start working towards being able to pull myself up off a cliff edge again✨
Cool Girl
Cool Girl преди 3 дни
When she said "How did you guys get here" Me:Polish Mountain🤣
Gia Mae
Gia Mae преди 3 дни
I just realized that she's wearing the two new creme polishes.
Person World
Person World преди 3 дни
Ben is getting bald 😢😧
rachmach преди 3 дни
What got me here? No joke- Poppen Atelier's doll of you. Got curious, looked you up, here I am.
Carro 19
Carro 19 преди 3 дни
You should do polish muntan nail ART
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov преди 3 дни
who else is trying to get the “holo taco” ad since cristine mentioned on her story
Sarah Lynn
Sarah Lynn преди 3 дни
It's funny how "Ven" in Spanish is come here and his name is Ben.
Edith Dull
Edith Dull преди 3 дни
Okay, but you look AMAZING! You are so freaking strong! GO CRISTINE!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov преди 3 дни
creme polishes on her other haannd!!! lol
DANIELLE A преди 3 дни
if u must know , i was recommended that i click this video
Anna W
Anna W преди 3 дни
My cat eats Royal Canin cat food too! Renal failure but it’s a godsend food for her ❤️!!!!!!!
bystlampa преди 3 дни
How many nail polishes were broken in the making of this video?!
Saturno преди 3 дни
you are the best lov u
dont_chew_on_socks преди 3 дни
i got here cause the shit i watch is weird
Cz Luna
Cz Luna преди 3 дни
I LOVE THIS!! Make lifting your max amount of nail polish a series. I’d watch 😂
Erica Heap
Erica Heap преди 3 дни
beyn being the best most supportive partner in the world is giving me LIFE right now
Nails and more
Nails and more преди 3 дни
Wow looks like simply got some arm muscle
Ella_ Cinder
Ella_ Cinder преди 3 дни
Good job Cristine!! Now you get to put them all away!!😏
Toda 3363
Toda 3363 преди 3 дни
You do you girl
Emmy Lencowski
Emmy Lencowski преди 3 дни
How I got here was I wanted to check on a little bit of my late childhood, I didn’t not expect that it has been 2 FREAKING YEARS SINCE I HAVE WATCHED YOU
silverbracelet6 преди 3 дни
Watching your back bend that way hurt me so much 🥺😱😫
Colin McWhorter
Colin McWhorter преди 4 дни
idk how i got here also i havent bean here since 2020
Martha Yamm
Martha Yamm преди 4 дни
The first video of yours that I have ever watched was the nail tutorial on how to grow your nails out
Michiah Ruby
Michiah Ruby преди 4 дни
I know you don't track your weight, but I'm on the same journey and have gained almost 20lbs of muscle over 1.5-2yrs. keep it up!!
Nequa Thompson
Nequa Thompson преди 4 дни
if your significant other don’t hype you up like ben does cristine then do they really love you lol?!? plus who else watched this after seeing the new launch video & noticed the new creme polishes on her other haannd!!! lol
Haidy Aleman
Haidy Aleman преди 4 дни
Can you restock the white nail polish already 😫 😩
Votes Matter
Votes Matter преди 4 дни
How about I challenge you..I bet you I could do more than those two bags
Astac Artz
Astac Artz преди 4 дни
Greta M
Greta M преди 4 дни
Are you supposed to be bent like that when lifting weights it looks very uncomfortable
Christine Nienaber
Christine Nienaber преди 4 дни
And the new record for Guinness world record is................. Cristine for lifting 500 bottles of nail polish❗❗❗CONGRATULATION❗❗❗
MeggieBear преди 4 дни
Anyone else think Simply sliding under the bar at 12:14 was super hot 🥵
Christine Nienaber
Christine Nienaber преди 4 дни
I got here because......😎I'M A PROUD SUBSCRIBER FOR MORE THEN 2 OR 3 YEARS NOW😎..... 💥WHOOP WHOOP💥.... and im also Christine but with an H....... ‼️❇️‼️❇️‼️❇️‼️
Karma Park
Karma Park преди 4 дни
I don’t know why but I stopped watching her for two years then I started watching her again and she’s awesome
Civetta47 преди 4 дни
Got here about 1,5years ago (or so) via Safiya :)
Lucy Graham
Lucy Graham преди 4 дни
I see the new unicorn collection on your nails cristine!!
Borinquen Hernández
Borinquen Hernández преди 4 дни
Well Cristine, it all started at 3 am in the morning when I found a video on BGcd were a young women mixed more than 500 nail polishes together. From that moment I fell in love with this channel🥰 (I saw that video in 2017 or 2018, I think)
potatopouf преди 4 дни
i like how you guys use cat beds for everything XD
potatopouf преди 4 дни
i dont really know how i got here but i started watching your vids last year and i thought you and ben were hilarious and now im in love with nail polish... especially HOLO TOCO
lauren hunt
lauren hunt преди 4 дни
she fogot oatsssssss
bored lil human
bored lil human преди 4 дни
Me: knowing absolutlly NOTHING abt powerlifting gettin ready to writa a coment abt her back....and than she says its right that way. Allso me: And i oop😐😅
Mirandacoopers Leftnub
Mirandacoopers Leftnub преди 4 дни
She looks like the principal from Matilda🙂
sasha Lili
sasha Lili преди 4 дни
i have been watching you since i was i think maybe...7? LOLLLLLLLLLLL i still remember when you actually did nail tutorials XD
Avery Callieanreda
Avery Callieanreda преди 4 дни
Mayo takes paint off cars
Twiggy ZigZag
Twiggy ZigZag преди 4 дни
Casually watching this and hearing the audio start at 6:35 was weird. I also love to watch this one car cleaning channel on youtube and they use that audio in every reveal.
DoSims преди 4 дни
If ever I can kick my butt back into training again, I think it's gonna be because of Cristine. Lady's motivation seems contagious!
Deanna Christine
Deanna Christine преди 4 дни
This was actually a bit moving on how far you’ve come and how great that was to see. Congrats on how much you’ve pushed yourself and taken care of yourself ❤️❤️
Kati Britvec
Kati Britvec преди 4 дни
I came to this channel to see you cover your face in holo pigment and got hooked on all the ridiculous plots
pida siouy
pida siouy преди 4 дни
Bendy looking rough this video no shame I’ll be looking like that too
Isobel Mckell
Isobel Mckell преди 4 дни
I think I got to your channel through Safiya Nygard.
pida siouy
pida siouy преди 4 дни
I’m sorry I don’t know how I got here but I’m just glad I’m here.
Ziva Gonzalez
Ziva Gonzalez преди 4 дни
Me :looks in recommendations* oh heck yea
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