Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN

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Do I have too much time on my hands or do I have too many bottles of nail polish?
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Videos referenced:
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More on my nail polish shelves:
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World record largest nail polish collection:
And no, I did not count how many nail polishes I own because that would take me another 3 days. But it's definitely over 2,000🤡
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Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede преди час
George Head
George Head преди 11 часа
Nail ideas for christine 1. magenta holo (purple/pink 2. Forest green holo (deep mint green) 3. peach holo (pink/orange) 4. Crimson holo (deep red) 5. dark blue holo 6. Indigo holo (blue/purple)
spozbucket преди 18 часа
Christine. How are you EVER gonna use 2000 bottles of nail polish?
gunjan doshi
gunjan doshi преди ден
Me still thinking she kinda still organized it in rainbow order!😅😂
JOSE Bou saab
JOSE Bou saab преди ден
Our Whimsy
Our Whimsy преди 2 дни
I wait waiting for this video ! I hated the rainbow order too.
Agnes Mina
Agnes Mina преди 3 дни
OMG, the amount BEEEEEEYN love Cristine 🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰
Elisha Prior
Elisha Prior преди 3 дни
sue ellis
sue ellis преди 4 дни
I keep re watching this to get motivation to tidy my 1000+ nail polishes,'s not working,..xx
Marty преди 6 дни
Remember when Ben was camera shy? Now he just be singing and dancing wherever he please lol
Not my Name
Not my Name преди 6 дни
Ben obviously know more about nails than me
Superflybowling преди 7 дни
Fun lacquer, cirque colors, and holo taco. The only three brands of nail polish I'll buy.
Hot Dog
Hot Dog преди 7 дни
I wonder what she’s gonna do if a earthquake happens
Samaira Creates
Samaira Creates преди 7 дни
maja Nielsen
maja Nielsen преди 8 дни
The cat: why. do. you. have. ALL OF MY BEDS
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry преди 8 дни
If it wasn't for covid, I'd be very happy to come and organise your nail polishes. I love doing it. You have no idea how many times I took all my books down from my bookcase to reorganise them as a kid!
Ashlynn Turner
Ashlynn Turner преди 8 дни
Can we have a return polish mountain
The Berry Kids
The Berry Kids преди 8 дни
October is in spring for Australia
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott преди 9 дни
Everyone: *trying to get Holo Taco* Simply: *hoarding all the holo taco's*
sophie ruhle
sophie ruhle преди 9 дни
you should put tiny rocks in the boxes so they stand up
Moonlight Himiko
Moonlight Himiko преди 10 дни
*ben* :could we get rid of some? *Christine* :𝑁𝑂
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis преди 10 дни
OMG the banana cat bed! We have this too!!! 😻🍌
Jeon Taehyung
Jeon Taehyung преди 10 дни
If she just put clear glass door on it so it wont break if there's a earthquake lol......
Lilah Barnes
Lilah Barnes преди 11 дни
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnn I spent hours I Spent hours
Hannah Kirby
Hannah Kirby преди 11 дни
Anyone else get the feeling the only reason she reorganizes is to promo old videos? 😂
Quinn Enestvedt
Quinn Enestvedt преди 13 дни
On their podcast Ben loves receiving quality time and Cristine loves receiving acts of service so...
Emily Fullsun
Emily Fullsun преди 13 дни
Wait blank nail polish... HOLO TACO??!!
Annabel Merola
Annabel Merola преди 14 дни
Menchie and Zyler on a social media platform posting about all of their beds Everyone in the comments: weird flex but ok
Louie Luigi
Louie Luigi преди 14 дни
re-watching on 2x speed from the settings lol
Freya Roach
Freya Roach преди 14 дни
Anyone else have channels they watch during different mental states? I think Cristine would be proud to know she’s a channel for depressed me 😂
NellieMeows... преди 13 дни
Mine is either mental state or time of day 😂 for me Cristine is when I’m cozy or in the afternoon when I desperately need a nap
Aurora Jo
Aurora Jo преди 14 дни
This video was uploaded a day before my 13th birthday🙂✨
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith преди 15 дни
Simply has 2,462 nail polishes. BEYYYN breaks 17, how many nail polishes does she have left?
Tia Chandler
Tia Chandler преди 15 дни
Omg y’all are so tiny and do have nice big asses lmmfao I would have never noticed till y’all said That shit hhahahahahaha
Tia Chandler
Tia Chandler преди 15 дни
Omfg I just want like a quarter of this in gel polishes omfg
David Davis
David Davis преди 15 дни
Dixie Gaming
Dixie Gaming преди 15 дни
Cristine broke Jen and ben
Aayushi Rajput
Aayushi Rajput преди 15 дни
U can take help of professional organizers 👍🏻
jessi smith
jessi smith преди 16 дни
"im not doing it" cuts to him doing it ahaha love ben
alice hasenkohl
alice hasenkohl преди 16 дни
when you realize you're actually eating oats while watching a simplynailogical video
Morgan Blewett
Morgan Blewett преди 16 дни
0 преди 17 дни
What if they was a earthquake
Kam V
Kam V преди 17 дни
Ben- who wants salad! Cristine- yeah! Jen- do you have vodka?
Juno Crader
Juno Crader преди 18 дни
Cristine: “There not stupid” Jen : “there all stupid” That is the most childish thing I have heard from 32 year olds.
Pleiades 7
Pleiades 7 преди 18 дни
KikiMilkshake преди 18 дни
Cristine: **organizes her nail polish** Also Crisitine: **gets done** Me: WooW CrIStiNe iT lOOkS pRIsTiNe
AylinGOAT25 Perez
AylinGOAT25 Perez преди 20 дни
This is HUGE compared to my tiny little drawer
Lee Pei yoke
Lee Pei yoke преди 20 дни
Imagine if there was an earthquake
Isis Barrientos guadarrama
Isis Barrientos guadarrama преди 21 ден
I am concerned that on the time stamps it keeps saying Day 1 and I'm not through the whole video yet but just knowing the fact that this went on for 2 days😭
Sam Gibbs
Sam Gibbs преди 21 ден
My brain likes this so much omg
Queen Jada
Queen Jada преди 22 дни
No one Nobody Not a single person or soul Me during quarantine 😂: 0:02-0:06
Leigh Green
Leigh Green преди 23 дни
Does anyone else think that Cristine’s personality is partially from the massive amount of nail polish fumes?
Gemma Rae
Gemma Rae преди 23 дни
Cristine: There is just not enough room Beyyyn: Well we could move the CaT off the tAbLe!
amanda scheibelhoffer
amanda scheibelhoffer преди 23 дни
You are hilarious. 🤣🤣😂😂 I'm dying over here. Your killin me!!!!!
amanda scheibelhoffer
amanda scheibelhoffer преди 23 дни
Do a few giveaways on the ones you don't need.
Maddison Rose
Maddison Rose преди 23 дни
At 11:32 Ben the answer is Stockholm syndrome ......I think??? Also a great one direction song.......
Brandy Mayes
Brandy Mayes преди 23 дни
How many cats do you have? Meow...I swear I have seen 10 beds and 2 cats.
Kiterpuss преди 23 дни
In hindsight, Cristine and Jen's banter has the same energy as the two moose from Brother Bear. I think Ben is Kenai, but he might be Koda. I can't figure out if he is more satirical or chaotic.
Lizzie Benish
Lizzie Benish преди 24 дни
“I’m not doing this” -Beyyyyynnn when he’s having an internal mental breakdown. 😂
Alice Varley
Alice Varley преди 24 дни
I organise my polishes in colour order, but I leave gaps so that I don’t have to move everything ;)
Ariana Klunk
Ariana Klunk преди 24 дни
"iM BeYakK"
gacha Sisters
gacha Sisters преди 25 дни
If you have doubles can you sell them
susana beatriz barreras acosta
susana beatriz barreras acosta преди 26 дни
Jet Grey
Jet Grey преди 26 дни
“ the things you do, when you haven’t left the house in 6 months” 🤣🤣🤣
Bob Ross
Bob Ross преди 27 дни
2:00 very very relatable
zarapalace преди 27 дни
When he waked in she looked like she got caught doing soemthing bad
Allison Claussen
Allison Claussen преди 28 дни
Yelling at BeEnn, a sport for all to enjoy
Manha Sakib
Manha Sakib преди 28 дни
Ashley Klein
Ashley Klein преди 28 дни
Where do you get your nail polish racks ?
Lise Versteeg
Lise Versteeg преди 29 дни
No one: Cristine: the things you do to entertain yourself when you haven't left the house in six months. Me: You have no idea how long its going to take...
emma curran
emma curran преди месец
Vilabella 424
Vilabella 424 преди месец
i thought indie was a style
izuku .ω. midoriya
izuku .ω. midoriya преди месец
*its called Stockholm syndrome ben*
elise mackay
elise mackay преди месец
Ah yes my favorite nail polish, champagne
P.A.B.S Productions
P.A.B.S Productions преди месец
Ben: why do you have all these holo tacos shouldn't you leave some for the customers Cristine: 🤔
Everything Elizabeth
Everything Elizabeth преди месец
I named my cat minchie bc of u lol
Quit3Cut3 преди месец
Could we get rid of some???? NO!! Lmao.
Shrestha Banerjee
Shrestha Banerjee преди месец
why am i here when i DoNt HaVe EvEn 200 bOtTlEs of NaiL PoLiSh
Capricorn_ Kiora
Capricorn_ Kiora преди месец
AGAIN !? Welp.....fu-
Darthlyss преди месец
I genuinely got concerned when I saw the sos on the thumb nail
Shazna Rislan
Shazna Rislan преди месец
Ben: Who wants salad!! Jen: do we have vodka?
Gabriel Paddock
Gabriel Paddock преди месец
Stockholm syndrome Ben, it's called stockholm syndrome
Hannah Langford
Hannah Langford преди месец
You should do your cats nails with the tiny nail polish
Jennifer Drosera
Jennifer Drosera преди месец
I wanna know what brands ended up on which shelves 👀
SANSATION преди месец
BEEEEEEENNNNN IS SUCH AN AMAZING LAD !!!!! 😆😆😆omg I thought I was nuts for nail but this is a palace of nailzzz... village ...respect bahaaaaaa
iPyromantic преди месец
"Why are there two different sizes??" Me with paperback books.
Adriana Greogry
Adriana Greogry преди месец
Me wanna the nail polish she doesn’t want to keep 🥲
Leslie Benites
Leslie Benites преди месец
I love how Ben just shows up with food or snacks without cristine asking 🥺
Deeralox преди месец
RIMMEL LONDEN .......I honestly don't know why I did that i just felt like it
Darragh Noonan
Darragh Noonan преди месец
the fact that they both went to my elementary school and jennifer was in my sisters class boggles my mind
Sansa is a rabit
Sansa is a rabit преди месец
So relativble
Jilliana Morgan
Jilliana Morgan преди месец
the minute i saw DAY 1 i cackled
Mary Beth Estes
Mary Beth Estes преди месец
Am I the only one who would volunteer for this in a second? This would be so satisfying holy crap
DodgerCam2020 преди месец
"I ThInk its mOulding!" still doesn't through it away!
Zoey C
Zoey C преди месец
Others say that I have hoarding issues but I say that I have attachment issues literally me😂😂
Teresa Crazy123
Teresa Crazy123 преди месец
Just wondering why does she call it holo taco?
Andre G
Andre G преди месец
She needs a shelf to put her deluxe boxes (collection) on a shelf instead of grouping them on a small ottoman
Kian F
Kian F преди месец
Jen has got cake
r g
r g преди месец
Wow... just wow... you... wow... that’s a lot of nail polish!
Kendall Tacon
Kendall Tacon преди месец
Christine: Ewww its moulding "keeps it any way"
Ah Maiya Gibson
Ah Maiya Gibson преди месец
She probably has more nail polish than two nail solans combined
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