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Issa Blanco: simplynailogical is a princess:simplynailogical edit
joZ: cristine and ben being a cute couple for 3 minutes
Sarah Denker: Simplynailogical speaking French (compilation)
PhotoshopSurgeon: Is Simply SIMPLY NAILOGICAL Perfect?
Scooter Cane: Beauty School Dropout-Simply Nailogical Version
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Emillia Bacon - RDE Student
Emillia Bacon - RDE Student преди 2 часа
When ever you f%*k up just say wee wee
Emillia Bacon - RDE Student
Emillia Bacon - RDE Student преди 2 часа
I like beeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnsss hair today
jane s
jane s преди 10 часа
Video idea: You do your nails in french but instead of just speaking you put it through google translate and say what the translation is
Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede преди 7 дни
You have a mature relationship that’s what we like 🥰
Sherio88 преди 8 дни
In the Photoshopped Christine face, she looks like a sim.
Treena McGowan
Treena McGowan преди 3 дни
Emma Ritchie
Emma Ritchie преди 11 дни
I've only ever met one set of parents that are still together. They're my boyfriends
amrutha tharanikumar
amrutha tharanikumar преди 13 дни
She's just wiping her eyes
Amber Roberts
Amber Roberts преди 15 дни
You look like fredbanger girl
mia gillihan
mia gillihan преди 17 дни
8:07 my parents are divorced
Char 13
Char 13 преди 23 дни
8:12 nope not even my parents think they were good as a couple 🥰🥰
dragonkiss131 преди 23 дни
You could do a tutorial in French and then have Jen/Ben do bad translations of it.
J.R. Taylor
J.R. Taylor преди 28 дни
Low key wanna see the simply horror movie
Rainbow Sim
Rainbow Sim преди месец
8:05 yes my divorced parents ✋😂
lvandpandsands преди месец
8:15 that’s the reason i love them as a couple. they don’t rub it in our faces and they just seem so comfortable with each other. i really do think they’re couple goals.
•Kuroo黒尾• преди месец
I think that when they have Kids (if they do) they should do a channel for the kid or more , like if its a boy it's called prince nailogical or princess nailogical if its a girl
That One Weird Dude
That One Weird Dude преди месец
8:05... umm my parents are divorced, so you're definetly the better example
Xx becky xX
Xx becky xX преди месец
I saw a guy yesterday that looked EXACTLY like Ben, like beard, glasses shape EVERYTHING. Except he was Indian
Lkc Toms
Lkc Toms преди месец
Oml the horror movie was perfect
Karen Mejia
Karen Mejia преди месец
"Put in dimples?☺ No, smooth out my wrinkles..okay" Lmao the dissapointment 😂
Amanda Compagnon
Amanda Compagnon преди месец
Must admit. Loving the podcast.
M Ritchie
M Ritchie преди месец
Christine: No one likes their parents as a couple! Me: *asked for nothing but my parents wedding video for my 18th bday*
Dina S
Dina S преди месец
Did anyone end up claiming this? I'm so curious to know who it was.
MaeBee Sarah
MaeBee Sarah преди месец
Video idea going along with French you should watch a nail tutorial but the video is French and you can only listen to the audio
xxgacha emily
xxgacha emily преди месец
Cristine should make a movie and the horror movie that she reacted to should be the trailer
Izzy преди месец
With the photoshop one the after scares me
Маленький Крокодильчик
Маленький Крокодильчик преди месец
9:46 i think thats the point of anime:(
Jane Smith
Jane Smith преди месец
Princess nail logic that was cool.
Scarlet Rose
Scarlet Rose преди месец
Video: Cristine is not perfect Beyan: I hate you and your entire channel
Ngọc Diệp Trần
Ngọc Diệp Trần преди месец
This is funny
Irri Aizawa
Irri Aizawa преди месец
You could put captions but they say the wrong thing
Dxnna Harry Potter.miraculos
Dxnna Harry Potter.miraculos преди месец
Cristine and Ben :maybe there parents me: nope mine are divorced
Emma Beauchamp
Emma Beauchamp преди месец
I love youuuu but use another foundation where is tati ???
Emma Beauchamp
Emma Beauchamp преди месец
Cristine you look orange !!!!!
Lp27 преди месец
Je peux aussi parler le francais, car je suis Canadian aussi!!! Ananas
Lp27 преди месец
Lmaooo "no one likes their parents as a couple"
Emily Neuman
Emily Neuman преди месец
kook kook kook kook
kook kook kook kook преди месец
why does photoshoped Cristine looks like Nikkietutorials
Kiara Lewis
Kiara Lewis преди месец
“No one likes their parents as a couple” Me with divorced parents: “spitting straight facts”
Rhianna Brown
Rhianna Brown преди месец
We got a gaper!!! @simplynailogical 🖤💀😆
Madorry Gonzales
Madorry Gonzales преди месец
Ben blink twice if you need help
kamilla kjær
kamilla kjær преди месец
me coming on youtube watches: Ben does my nails while i give instruction on french --> watching reacting video with Cristine where they litterly explain a future video
Dancing ferret with doritos
Dancing ferret with doritos преди месец
I am the number 7000 comment.
Caleigh Bryant
Caleigh Bryant преди месец
Wait, so u are never wearing makeup ever again? Or just not wearing it for a few months??
Aliszka преди месец
"maybe their parents?" me with my parents which are divorced xd
Neomei Videos
Neomei Videos преди месец
Can you do an a Nail art video in French
Maddie Edin
Maddie Edin преди месец
Why is this the first time im seeing this video omg
Jana Afifi
Jana Afifi преди месец
My parents are divorced ✌😗
alsn clre
alsn clre преди 2 месеца
i want to see more reaction vidsssssss
Brianna Hampton
Brianna Hampton преди 2 месеца
I think Cristine is beautiful with or without the "PhotoshopSurgeon"
Katy B
Katy B преди 2 месеца
The last video should be included in Cristine's resumé 😂
London Pettigrewシ
London Pettigrewシ преди 2 месеца
Who else spent the entire video trying to figure out how Christine acts “normal”😂😂
sam. преди 2 месеца
The photoshop edit looks like she could be in little mix
Lil Kitten
Lil Kitten преди 2 месеца
Okai i already figures out by zyler saying " I hate that im orange " You guys are biden fans. Tell me if im wrong lmfao Im a biden fan too ngl
Ella Rzepecki
Ella Rzepecki преди 2 месеца
no one: zyler: its pains me that im orange donald trump: hey >:(
Eibteeda преди 2 месеца
8:02 Safiya and Tyler lol
Niczka .x
Niczka .x преди 2 месеца
2:07 I’ve been stuck in my home for a YEAR!! LET ME OUT ARHHHHGGG
pretty B
pretty B преди 2 месеца
Simply looks 100% better as she is. She looks so much older and idk weird in the photoshopped version.
UczuciaTM преди 2 месеца
“They take real women” no trust me Ben they do it to men too But no, what they’re doing is basically turning people into what is like considered perfect
RexAceJ преди 2 месеца
If everyone begins to get the perfect face then no one will be. It'll just be like a mold to filled and to be followed and no one can be different.
Gracie Peterson
Gracie Peterson преди 2 месеца
And i love canada to
Gracie Peterson
Gracie Peterson преди 2 месеца
I love all of your videos
Sara Elizabeth
Sara Elizabeth преди 2 месеца
I honestly think that the perfect face channel kind of illuminates how silly the idea of symmetrical beauty and perfection is. The template they use is considered to be the "perfect" face, and yet when they morph the face of whomever they're focusing on, it doesn't end up looking perfect, it looks alien, and it emphasizes that even the "perfect" face is a complete fiction.
Salazar Slitherin
Salazar Slitherin преди 2 месеца
Them: who would be a cute couple to a kid? Their parents? Me, a kid with divorced parents: wth y tho
Emilea Aitken
Emilea Aitken преди 2 месеца
To Ben: you guys are just naturally cuuute. You don't gotta try, you're just goals
CheshieD преди 2 месеца
Ew the “perfect” photoshopped end result was uhm... legitimately some of the worst photoshopping to make a person “optimal” in looks. They used a FLAT and stretched cutout that isn’t even actually considered the best proportions. Quite honestly it’s worse than an actual plastic surgeon in terms of how much changed and WHY it changed.
Cat Baugh
Cat Baugh преди 2 месеца
Cristine: She’s dead now 😬 Me, a huge steven universe fan: SHE’S GONE!!!!!
Jeffrey Baker
Jeffrey Baker преди 2 месеца
The messy microwave supply choke because canadian ophthalmoscopically surround across a certain crab. disgusting, past shallot
Whitney Wilson
Whitney Wilson преди 2 месеца
Make Ben give you a French manicure Tell him how to do it in French and make him guess what you said.
Phoenix Miller
Phoenix Miller преди 2 месеца
Bro i liked up this 👁💧👅💧👁 and it brung me here,i am now subscribed
Pallavi Kajrekar
Pallavi Kajrekar преди 2 месеца
iT pAiNs mE tHaT i aM oRAnGe
The Spectator
The Spectator преди 2 месеца
my dad is an asshole to my mom and I am glad they are dovorced
Stella Jones
Stella Jones преди 2 месеца
Lollipop Muffin Cat
Lollipop Muffin Cat преди 2 месеца
Never ceases to make me laugh everyday 😂😂
Meropi преди 2 месеца
I love that horror movie 😂😭😂😂😂🤣
Asta преди 2 месеца
who think they should already be married
I’m Antisocial
I’m Antisocial преди 2 месеца
7:41 is just ben laughing the exact same as in the vid HAHAHAHA
Lauralee B
Lauralee B преди 2 месеца
So sorry 😢 I can’t believe what is going on, It just shows what’s going on in this world. It’s not funny, I don’t understand this shit 💩 , You are the best 🥰😂❤️
Aicirt Kciub
Aicirt Kciub преди 2 месеца
(Ben) Technology scares me. (Me) when you were the tech savvy guru because you could program a VCR. Those days are long gone...I'm Ben now. 😉
Briar Garynn
Briar Garynn преди 2 месеца
leiyah преди 2 месеца
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
leiyah преди 2 месеца
> > > > > > > > >
Somebody преди 2 месеца
Video idea: Do a Video in German, it will sound really funny!😂😂😂 I think, i would leave after like... 10 seconds because it would sound horrible?! Probably it would even be wrong sentences cause German is soooo hard! I'm from Germany, I know what I'm talking about!😂😂😂 But it wouldbe a funny Chalenge 🤷‍♀️
Elda Zekaj
Elda Zekaj преди 2 месеца
you should do your nails with only 1 swoop of colors in a desing and in french like the makeup challenge one dip and that could be for your simplyfacelogical
Kelsey Lever
Kelsey Lever преди 2 месеца
The genuine love between these two is so refreshing. And I laugh so hard at 3am I’m afraid I’ll wake the fam.
Gracie Coop
Gracie Coop преди 2 месеца
11:20 made her look like hannah baker !!
Olyvia Mata
Olyvia Mata преди 3 месеца
Random Stuff
Random Stuff преди 3 месеца
Ella Shankland
Ella Shankland преди 3 месеца
French tips speaking french eating french fries and french toast.
Aaliyah Lopez
Aaliyah Lopez преди 3 месеца
You guys are so a cute couple ! I’ve always thought that 😂
peanut преди 3 месеца
I loaf this
Austyn Reeb
Austyn Reeb преди 3 месеца
I don't think I've laughed this much in my Life !!!! I love you guys and keep being amazing!!!
Corinne Gordon
Corinne Gordon преди 3 месеца
If that horror movie was real, it should be called "The Nail in the Coffin"
Michelle Wang
Michelle Wang преди 3 месеца
I come back to watch this again, then i realize the 1st anniversary box hiding in the corner
gio преди 3 месеца
WHo else jas watched her since 2018 or before 🤓
Kavi Weaver
Kavi Weaver преди 3 месеца
Ben's response to the "is Cristine perfect video" is yet another example of why y'all are cute
Madi Powell
Madi Powell преди 3 месеца
Giving tips in French while giving myself French tips
Ajhey127 преди 3 месеца
Photoshop surgeon takes people’s faces and photoshops them to the golden ratio
some_metalhead преди 3 месеца
Ben is literally me when my cat won’t shut up. “WHAT?!”
A Goth Named Wednessday
A Goth Named Wednessday преди 3 месеца
I think the point of photoshop surgeon is proving that our ideal of a "perfect" face, is ridiculous, and that no one looks like that
Eve преди 3 месеца
'hopefully maybe their parent...' my divorced parents who tried to murder each other and cant speak without physically fighting. ah yes he is a genius
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