How Many Weighted Blankets Until I Can't Get Up?

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Will this challenge relieve my quarantine anxiety? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Lori Sanderson
Lori Sanderson преди 4 дни
I aspire to be her! She’s strong 💪🏻 and humorous!
Ellie The Loser
Ellie The Loser преди 4 дни
Can you adopt me 👁👄👁
Citlaly Serrano
Citlaly Serrano преди 4 дни
Who meany of the fucking blankets dose she have in real life
Johnathon Petro
Johnathon Petro преди 4 дни
Got any more of those... Really in need of one.🥺
lauren hunt
lauren hunt преди 4 дни
i got a fabletics ad are they trying yo get to my mum
Savannah Wilson
Savannah Wilson преди 4 дни
теяяifуея преди 5 дни
she is a woman with 14 weighted blankets
Αθηνά Κουρμπανιδου
Αθηνά Κουρμπανιδου преди 5 дни
This video had absolutely NO reason to be THIS funny... Especially here 12:32-12:58
Sydney Hubbel
Sydney Hubbel преди 7 дни
WEIGHTED BLANKET BLANKET FORT! I repeat. Weighted blanket blanket fort!
annafantasia преди 8 дни
Julia Doodles
Julia Doodles преди 9 дни
Alternative title: How to get abs in 14 minutes and 26 seconds
McKenna Smith
McKenna Smith преди 9 дни
I felt so claustrophobic watching this
Sue McCashland
Sue McCashland преди 10 дни
*mom starts doing math* my brain: *starts shutting down*
sxna. editx
sxna. editx преди 10 дни
Cristine and Ben figuring out that Cristine can lift up the weighted blankets Well that's just a theory, a weighted theory!
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry преди 10 дни
The weighted blankets look and sound like duvets. I'm not sure how much they typically weight, but you could probably fit two duvets in one cover (or put a double duvet into a single duvet cover) to give it more weight.
Ravenclaw Rosie
Ravenclaw Rosie преди 11 дни
now........the instruction for buying a weighted blanket said that buy a blanket 10% of your body weight and cristine get a 18 pounds blankets means that she's 180 pounds (81.6466266 kg). Hey, that's prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy IMPOSSIBLE gurl, considering you are so hOlO FiT~~~
_Moon Moon_
_Moon Moon_ преди 11 дни
I got one and it doesn’t really do anything for me. Except I get hot really quickly under it
Plague преди 11 дни
That's dangerous lol
insert cheesy pun here
insert cheesy pun here преди 11 дни
this...a dream
Avenlea Leibrecht
Avenlea Leibrecht преди 12 дни
Ummm Cristine had 16 1 4 a pillow 1 4 a bed
Rachel Wuebben
Rachel Wuebben преди 13 дни
social butterfly
social butterfly преди 16 дни
Jordan Parks
Jordan Parks преди 17 дни
I love weighted blankets. I really want this new one I found that doesn't have glass beads. All the weight comes from the fabric. It's called bearaby and I want to get one asap
Susan TheSweet
Susan TheSweet преди 17 дни
Yay! A little PDA!
{gacha._. glitch._. }
{gacha._. glitch._. } преди 17 дни
Frida Armas
Frida Armas преди 19 дни
10% of my body weight is only 10 is pounds no i want a 20 pound one atleast
Cheeese Master 1
Cheeese Master 1 преди 19 дни
I got mine from target 😏✨
Patrick McDonald
Patrick McDonald преди 19 дни
I got anxiety just watching this XD. Maybe it's more stress-relieving to actually do it...
JamarSoLive преди 20 дни
You’re so weak
Notzsalty преди 20 дни
Love your guy’s personality
My new art Journey
My new art Journey преди 20 дни
I can see a oat packet in the back its purple it might be tea but i think its the new oats
felixsnotrawegg преди 25 дни
sis send some to meeeeee!
Yumeko Jabami
Yumeko Jabami преди 25 дни
I learned more maths than I learned in school from this video
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose преди 25 дни
Her head is so tiny towards the end
Christina Lindenbach
Christina Lindenbach преди 25 дни
Presently measuring out my sewing grid for a queen size weighted blanket that I'm sewing for myself! Have had multiple sewing videos playing in the background in case they might have helpful tips/tricks that may help me in my process... Then all of a sudden that ever so familiar intro music starts, and I'm like "ok, BGcd has had enough of sewing videos, and it's nail time!"... And then you make my night by doing this video!!! 😂🤣❤️ (I know, I'm late to the game) I've been a subscriber for many many years, and was so happy and proud to know that you're also from Ottawa! Best way to spend yet another lockdown night! Keep up all of the amazing videos! ❤️❤️❤️
Emma the SouthSide Serpent
Emma the SouthSide Serpent преди 26 дни
Simply be like i have fallen and i cant get up lol im not hating just trying to be funny
Emma the SouthSide Serpent
Emma the SouthSide Serpent преди 26 дни
nobody simply calls ben beyyyyn i love that so much i told my dad we must name or dog ben so i can call him beyyyyyn
Amy Miller
Amy Miller преди 28 дни
Here's a list that helped me out. " In the end, I went with #9. 1:19
Ella Schaake
Ella Schaake преди 28 дни
Still waiting for the “how many cats till I can’t get up?” video.
Potatuh преди 29 дни
I really like compression sheets. They are much lighter and cheaper than weighted blankets. I put my duvet on top to keep me warm but it’s really nice.
Hauscchildt преди 29 дни
is that KuyaMarkrhey?
Mia Avakin World
Mia Avakin World преди месец
Y'all notice the bald spot in Ben's head!
Margret Cody
Margret Cody преди месец
What is this rated hahahahah jk ❤️❤️❤️
Noobtella преди месец
Cristine it hurts my heart too see u liftig in the gym with ur back like a bridge >.
Kendall Strydio
Kendall Strydio преди месец
this is the first video i had ever seen of cristine, and i was like "0-0 gurl- what-"
Nian Cat
Nian Cat преди месец
how many pairs of pants can someone wear
Brooklyn Aguilar
Brooklyn Aguilar преди месец
My mom made me a waited blanket!
Jamie Harvey
Jamie Harvey преди месец
Like this video has no point
Atre Bodnárová
Atre Bodnárová преди месец
Ben lying there at the end of the video looking like a supermodel :3
Alie Amstutz
Alie Amstutz преди месец
I just wanted to eat the blanket man
Dorothy Nunes
Dorothy Nunes преди месец
i love you girl
Bella Sweetland
Bella Sweetland преди месец
Are we not going to talking about how much cake she got when she arched her back😌!!!
SayHelloToOblivion преди месец
I had a smile plastered to my face the whole time watching this. Too funny. 😅
SilvaraDragontear преди месец
I sleep with a weighted blanket/comforter every night & it works pretty well, sure my deppression, adhd & autism wins against the blanket some nights but for the most part I sleep better with it. I got mine from a doctor as a medical device so it was way cheaper than the blankets you find online. If my doctor hadn’t written it out to me as a medical device I would not be able to afford a weightedblanket. Got to try different versions of weightedblankets. There were some that had chains and those ballpitballs in them. I told my doc pretty much as soon as she put that kind of blanket on me that it would not do because my adhd would spend a whole week nights on squishing those balls instead of sleeping. Instead I got the kind Cristine has in the video, mine weighs 8 kg, I tried 10 kg but it was way to heavy and made me panicky instead of calm, instead of feeling like someone was hugging me & keeping me safe it felt vaguely like sleepparalys so I noped out on anything heavier that 8kg. So if one weight does not work for you try either a heavier or a lighter one, don’t give up.
Isabella Golden
Isabella Golden преди месец
Me trying to get out of bed in the morning
jocelyn_avery_lee преди месец
6 blankets made her delirious- poor soul
Ariela Filipe
Ariela Filipe преди месец
that was my burthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christina M. G.
Christina M. G. преди месец
bruh she basically pushed me off
Hey it's keria
Hey it's keria преди месец
The oceanic headlight apparently applaud because park coronally frame modulo a hateful belt. squalid, smoggy guitar
big ol' meanie
big ol' meanie преди месец
i got a weighted blanket ad on this video
Lilly Wolfe
Lilly Wolfe преди месец
I made my own weighted blanket by putting 4 regular blankets on top of eachother
H Q 123P
H Q 123P преди месец
The zoldyck household be like
SamLes Creations
SamLes Creations преди месец
Can you paint your nails from underneath all of those blankets? Maybe take a little lamp or clip on light with you. :P
SamLes Creations
SamLes Creations преди месец
XD this is so funny
issa преди месец
they should’ve titled it *cristine & ben being children for 14 minutes 26 seconds*
Treasure _adream1
Treasure _adream1 преди месец
Omg I just realized that Christine and I have the same notebook! 😂
Karen Richards
Karen Richards преди месец
I would definitely take one of these blankets, I have been wanting to try a weighted blanket for a long time in hopes it will help me sleep
Slixillia преди месец
252 pounds- yeesh
Elle Pletz
Elle Pletz преди месец
When you forget your glossy taco
Kai Rice
Kai Rice преди месец
I love them 🥰! They help me feel safe when I’m sleeping.
Tova Street
Tova Street преди месец
oh my gosh I think I am going to die from laughing
Jayson Park
Jayson Park преди месец
you should try "how many cats is too many"
Joren Schmieder
Joren Schmieder преди месец
Emma Ehle
Emma Ehle преди месец
I haven’t been here since beginning of 2019 and she had a HUGE glow up like wow!
Echo Doux
Echo Doux преди месец
Da comfort cishets fo today
Baboom преди месец
oof I can't even afford one. GO ANXIETY XD
random_account.77 преди месец
Wow first thing I noticed in the intro is that it’s the pansexual flag
Dina S
Dina S преди месец
Any update if they are all getting used or were they given away?
Draco Storm
Draco Storm преди месец
"I don't wanna be able to get up" Have you tried depression? Works a treat
Shayde_In_Life преди месец
Watching this while making a batman themed weighted blanket for my very anxious bean of a friend, its currently 6kg
Sato преди месец
I actually bought one 2 days ago from my Christmas money It will arrive tomorrow tho I have complex ptsd and anxiety and don't sleep every 2 or 3th night And I'm pretty sure it might help And the blanked was super cheap I paid 40 bucks
Sato преди месец
@Kikoushii Oh I actually didn't thought about that Thanks you so much!
Kikoushii преди месец
Warning that they do take a while to get used to! (Maybe a couple of days to weeks) (I also got a blanket with my Christmas money 😀)
Eloy67 Gonzalez
Eloy67 Gonzalez преди месец
On one part I thought that she was sitting but she was actually bending her leg
life of christy
life of christy преди месец
this is channel is not a nail channel anymore :) but its still a purfect channel
Leila Degner
Leila Degner преди месец
me wondering if simply is pan bc of her new intro
S C преди месец
God bless Ben. He's always a good sport too!
kai willows
kai willows преди месец
Paige Roarr
Paige Roarr преди месец
Can you donate one of these to me 😂 😂 😂 seriously tho 🤔😭
Emilia T
Emilia T преди месец
i want these two to collaborate with evan and katelyn
cute little unicorn so cute
cute little unicorn so cute преди месец
and i say i always wanted to know hiow can eat as much very hot things for 24 hours see ya
cute little unicorn so cute
cute little unicorn so cute преди месец
;o i cant say anything
Maidenstear преди месец
Idk why i decided go watch this right after dragging myself out of bed at 5:30 am for work after a bad night's I'm just jealous, sad and cold :(
Crazygirl1202 преди месец
I- 1:56-2:04 Why is no one talking about this? 😂
Carol Talj
Carol Talj преди месец
Who else is watching this video in 2021
Alexis Jones
Alexis Jones преди месец
I love how Ben did the Superman while giggling uncontrollably
Alexis Jones
Alexis Jones преди месец
I love watching Ben and Christine having fun bc I feel like I’m a part of it & I have fun too 😌
Mackenzie G
Mackenzie G преди месец
Anyone else notice how stunning she looks. Like wow, I can't believe even during a quarantine how healthy and illuminating she looks. 👏
micha micha
micha micha преди 15 дни
@Forgetting It. was. a. joke.
Forgetting преди 16 дни
@Basically Will the fuck? It’s a compliment.
Basically Will
Basically Will преди 17 дни
ItsmeBianca преди месец
Shess so holo cooo
Aya 010
Aya 010 преди месец
Keira M.
Keira M. преди месец
Body goals !!!❤️
Ariela Cruz
Ariela Cruz преди месец
yes dear
Braxton Wolfe
Braxton Wolfe преди месец
11:55 the cat is making me die
Gisella H
Gisella H преди месец
If you pause at 5:55 🤣😂
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