Reacting To My Old Pride Nail Art Video (and Recreating It)

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Tahlia преди 2 часа
This video just kind of made me grateful that there are so many people that aren't dumb and homophobic, I'm glad :) 🏳️‍🌈
Agnes Mina
Agnes Mina преди ден
Yep, I showered this week ^_^ 😛
Josie Murphy
Josie Murphy преди 2 дни
I am soooo happy that she supports Lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 because I deal like a lot of youtuders are not and I am bi so I want to be expected
G Wall3r
G Wall3r преди 3 дни
I am one of the 10% of the male species! 🍀
Temari Asazuki
Temari Asazuki преди 3 дни
You should now recreate this using unicorn on some of the nails and mate top coat on the others! That would be awesome! Thanks for being an ally, and for having growth.
Draquar Delta
Draquar Delta преди 4 дни
9:53 Well then you should have a talk with my dad and brother! 😃👍 (I support everyone on this earth. My family happens to be the only Homophobic/Transphobic Heterosexual people I know.)
Laura преди 5 дни
I just don’t understand why she didn’t put a holo taco over it
HypnoCat преди 5 дни
I don't believe holosexual was offensive at all, and judging by the comments, it doesn't look like anyone was offended. I've identified as bi but have been gradually questioning whether I've ever been attracted to men at all and I was just afraid of my homophobic mother. If we could make our pride flag just pure holo, I wouldn't complain. All-inclusive, includes every sexuality, every gender, the entire rainbow is there. It's perfect. (As I wrote about the holo pride flag, it originally started as a joke, but now that I think about it...)
GoldenArt Evie
GoldenArt Evie преди 8 дни
Simply nailogical: holo everyone! Subtitles: Paulo everyone!
thenunnery преди 9 дни
My mom walked on me watching the part where it said "gonna be a homosexual nation 🎤🇺🇸" and she judged me
N M преди 9 дни
I am one of the male species and I have been a fan of you since 2015. Even though I don't really do nail art I have always enjoyed your humerous content. Honestly your one of my favourite youtuber
bri a
bri a преди 9 дни
can we be offended not by lgbt rights but by the american flag though
Sara Heffernan
Sara Heffernan преди 7 дни
yes I am offended that she ruined the pride flag with the American flag. (Im American btw) XD
Shelby Langer
Shelby Langer преди 10 дни
Younger Cristine was SimplySavagelogical
zach voss
zach voss преди 11 дни
I am a male species!
Milica Pejin
Milica Pejin преди 11 дни
That is same person? Ok then...
Millie-Mae Ward
Millie-Mae Ward преди 11 дни
So much has changed for lgbtq+ rights in the past 10 years and it seems that most communities and people I follow are surrounded by people who can except everyone no matter race, sexuality or gender and this is a giant improvement from what it was even just 5 years ago. It just shows that people are a lot more open minded these days
Jill Tipton
Jill Tipton преди 12 дни
Why do u even suport LGBTQ
Jill Tipton
Jill Tipton преди 27 минути
Sara Heffernan
Sara Heffernan преди час
@Jill Tipton good for you I don't care
Jill Tipton
Jill Tipton преди час
@Sara Heffernan and no i did not learn that in school bc i go to a christen school i dont sin
Jill Tipton
Jill Tipton преди час
@Tahlia and im not a dude
Tahlia преди 2 часа
Dude, just leave the video/comment section.
Jill Tipton
Jill Tipton преди 12 дни
Oh shut up
David Bui
David Bui преди 12 дни
can we just notice how we got an apology video without anticipation? this is the epitome of apology videos that are truly genuine and that others *ahem tiktokers* need to reciprocate when they do theirs... i felt like i made no sense, you know what i mean tho?😭
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat преди 12 дни
So u support gay people what about furrys
Elli Grovis
Elli Grovis преди 12 дни
How do I move to Canada
Sara Heffernan
Sara Heffernan преди 7 дни
Bella Tinnon
Bella Tinnon преди 13 дни
I love that a lot of people support the community I spoke with my parents about it and they were very supportive of the discussion and they even asked if I felt anything and if I needed support but I told them no because I support them but I’m not apart of the community
Ariel Mackintosh
Ariel Mackintosh преди 14 дни
This is my new moto if I’m not really sorry “I’m sorry... because I’m Canadian not because I’m sorry but because I constantly try to please you. So I’m sorry”
Hello Its Coco
Hello Its Coco преди 14 дни
Lucy преди 15 дни
As a bisexual, I never found the "holosexual" joke offensive because that's all it was, a joke.
Marissa Zang
Marissa Zang преди 15 дни
Max and Cheese
Max and Cheese преди 16 дни
Cristine: what do you think? Me: WHERE IS THE MONTAGE
Brandy Mayes
Brandy Mayes преди 19 дни
Every video I see now I notice if the polishes are in rainbow order. Lol I like it much better by brand...
Esme Wood
Esme Wood преди 21 ден
I feel like we all just need to be more loving towards others, strangers or not...
Sophie Jordan
Sophie Jordan преди 21 ден
It was a crime that Cristine didn't include the waddya think edit
Spxxdy10 преди 21 ден
I really want to know the songs that she has in the background
Sadie Gabany
Sadie Gabany преди 23 дни
Me being american and also being bi, havent came out yet (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
Rima Youssef Ali
Rima Youssef Ali преди 23 дни
they both look good
Ellie mae
Ellie mae преди 25 дни
christine i love you so much but this is the only time i will dissagreee with you my opinion might seem biast but in my opinion yes black lives matter but so do all lives and yes black lives are being targeted this year but that doesnt mean the samll amount of people who support it and are willing to hurt people for that reason, now that, i think is wrong like if you agree
Breadsticks from Olivegarden
Breadsticks from Olivegarden преди 2 дни
We know all live matter but Black lives matter right now. Pro black is t anti White
Sara Heffernan
Sara Heffernan преди 7 дни
I dont agree with you and im not Cristine but I wanted to thank you for being respectful and not just leaving a hate comment, but explaining your opinion. :)
Spnxy преди 25 дни
I’m the male species
Lesboto Hi
Lesboto Hi преди 26 дни
thank you for supporting the LBTQ+ trump took our rights but Biden is putting them back
Claire Orlando
Claire Orlando преди 27 дни
As a Demi Pan teenager I don’t find your jokes offensive I find them quite funny also your are being very respectful.
Claire Orlando
Claire Orlando преди 4 дни
Demi sexual
BiPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red
BiPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red преди 5 дни
Sorry I just curious, which Demi? Demisexual or Demi boy/girl
Natasha Barron
Natasha Barron преди 27 дни
I had to skip to the nail art because I was going to cry because I loved how she was so helpful
Poppy Baxter
Poppy Baxter преди 27 дни
painting tip: use a brush with a handle that is close to the brush hairs so you have more control
Poppy Baxter
Poppy Baxter преди 27 дни
I haven't been here in a while but I have to say this video makes me so glad to be back
I like trees
I like trees преди 15 дни
Mika преди 27 дни
Okay, feedback. It is not the responsibility of marginalised people to educate everyone. Reality is that you face much everyday discriminatory comments and behaviors that you don't have the mental energy to educate everyone all the time. It is still valid to tell someone that what they did is offensive WITHOUT educating them on why. People have the internet to find resources. Marginalised people are tired of having to explain basic things over and over again, when it's already accessible on social media.
Leah Jonasson
Leah Jonasson преди 28 дни
Good for her
Eve преди 28 дни
It’s ok saying hoolosexual isn’t offensive it’s just sensitive lgbt people Lmao
I like trees
I like trees преди 15 дни
its not holosexual that was offensive it was the phrase 'coming out as holosexual' cuz coming outs really nerve-racking and scary for a lot of members of the lgbtq+ community.
Stupid Potato
Stupid Potato преди 29 дни
Omg I’m bi and I love this video thank you and I love you support lgbtq community
moonfairy преди месец
Holosexual is just a made up word by simply nailogial It has no diffention But only for the lovers of holo
Addison Donna
Addison Donna преди месец
what if when you're older you reacted to you reacting to a video of you
Nom преди месец
Izamola Kai-Kun
Izamola Kai-Kun преди месец
cristene....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................can you adopt me..?
Animal Lover1
Animal Lover1 преди месец
when corona is over just come to New Zealand. We (New Zealand and Canada) are the most accepting places I know of New Zealand and Canada are besties :) we love all creatures of this land like menchie
Audrey Small
Audrey Small преди месец
Is she for or against trump
BiPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red
BiPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red преди 5 дни
Def against
Reading For Kids
Reading For Kids преди месец
2020 Simply
Amitabh Kumar
Amitabh Kumar преди месец
-- преди месец
i fucking love canadians, maybe i should move to canada
·Marie E·
·Marie E· преди месец
She makes facial expressions like my teacher her old self that is
vanzzie преди месец
❤️🧡🤍💓💜 💅✨💅✨💅✨💅
Laila Anderson
Laila Anderson преди месец
Lol we do not sound like that
anna lynn
anna lynn преди месец
2020 simplynailogical did it better!!! also anyone watching this in 2021?!👇
Leen преди месец
the fact that she said she never met a homophobic person is so???weirdddd to me??? like imagine 😳
Sara Heffernan
Sara Heffernan преди 7 дни
I wish I never met a homophobic person xd
Mridushi Jain
Mridushi Jain преди месец
Come to India then
Cory C
Cory C преди месец
User ordi
User ordi преди месец
I'm gay and found all the holosexual stuff very funny and not at all offensive :/ To each their own.
nobody преди месец
i missed the "BeEeEeYyYyNnN" a little LMAO
ImGonnaWinWin преди месец
Omg this gives me mad nostalgia
Erin Marrash
Erin Marrash преди месец
Could use star shaped glitters
Maddie L
Maddie L преди месец
She is acknowledging the US’s problems and she isn’t even American...
Toco Cat
Toco Cat преди месец
When she said that she’s never met a homophobic person I was like “Must be nice, I live with homophobic people and it sucks ass” 🥲🥲🥲🥲
Miss Browny
Miss Browny преди месец
OMG I'm gay!!!!!
BiPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red
BiPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red преди 5 дни
OLIVIA MENDOZA преди месец
U should call us simply children B) now I don’t think that’s offensive
FailedArtKid преди месец
I remember watching the original gay american flag video ages ago (not exactly when it came out, but long enough ago that I still considered myself a kid), and I remember how it made me feel so much safer. This video really captured that feeling again, in a new way. Now, Cristine isn't only discussing gay marriage, but equal rights, blm, and giving a nod to JKR's shitty take on gender identity. I might not be the little girl I was when I saw that first video anymore, but I'm definitely a proud man who isn't ashamed to admit I like holo nail polish
viexlia преди месец
i’m bi and i never found the holosexual thing offensive but the coming out part kinda feels like mocking what lgbtq people have to do
StRx_Lojy преди месец
this was posted a day before my bday
Shi Figueroa
Shi Figueroa преди месец
she showed the different versions of the pride flag and my support grew 100000000 times more for her
Shi Figueroa
Shi Figueroa преди месец
Shi Figueroa
Shi Figueroa преди месец
we love growth and someone for basic human rights. also, this video made my heart really happy (as a lesbian) also, Black Lives Matter.
Random Reagan
Random Reagan преди месец
2020 simply
hope lily
hope lily преди месец
For me it’s family. Yeah uh I’m not coming out as genderfluid after I first came out as liking women.
Sara Heffernan
Sara Heffernan преди 7 дни
This is me. I came out as pansexual to my parents but right after I dont want to go." Hi mom and dad I'm non-binary, want to change my name, and I would like a binder." Yep no way.
Jasmine IsCool
Jasmine IsCool преди месец
9:52 Literally everyone in America: 👁👄👁
jade koehler
jade koehler преди месец
She should do all of the pride flags one day I would love to see that
Imogen McCabe
Imogen McCabe преди месец
I’m a Christian but I am not against same sex marriage. I just want to let people know that not all Christian’s are like that most of those people are extremely old fashioned! Love is love!
BiPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red
BiPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red преди 5 дни
Tia Smith
Tia Smith преди месец
I remember first seeing your videos when I was in school and my salon teacher said to look at nail art tutorials and I found one of yours, it didn't have your face in it just a voiceover and for some reason I thought you were a blonde American girl because of your voice lol (i think it sounded higher than it does now) then you blew up a couple years later and I still watch you lol
Vixen Ligon
Vixen Ligon преди месец
I simply adored how it turned out without the American flag thing. The stripes looked amazing. Just wow
Nrg Bunni
Nrg Bunni преди месец
Should have stuck sequin stars on instead of painting them on if you have trouble painting small details
Lisa Thompson
Lisa Thompson преди месец
My gran is homophobic and I'm pansexual so when I'm with her I just have to hear her going on about how it's wrong
Lisa Thompson
Lisa Thompson преди месец
@Madalyn Casey thanks for the consern but I haven't seen her in over a year because of the pandemic
Madalyn Casey
Madalyn Casey преди месец
im so sorry. she should be careful you could put her in a home.
AlphaAlphi преди месец
I was the 6% of the men that watched this when it came out 🥰 although now I consider myself non-binary sooo uhhh character development 🥳
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott преди месец
That IS character development. We stan.
Water drops
Water drops преди месец
This channel makes me feel so safe
Julie Jankova
Julie Jankova преди месец
Im okay with someone calling me holosexual, couse guess what i am okay with someone calling me homosexual too
KiTTENZnKiLLZ преди месец
bruh we still dont have our shit together...
Claire :]
Claire :] преди месец
lmao ikr
Bella преди месец
U shoulve made the lines uneven cuz its not supposed to be straight LMAO
piglet goals
piglet goals преди месец
Ok i am done with this apoligising for everything BS. Nobody should have to apologise for every dam thing they did. When did it become a thing that noone could be offended. Someone will always be offended by something. So what get over it move on. Life has moved forwards for 1000's of years despite people being offended. I AM OFFENDED... ok ...and? If you cannot deal with a little bit of offence in your life then good luck with your future because life is not always fair. Get a thicker skin toughen up and stop whinging about every piddly ass issue. I am so sick of having to listen to everyones disclaimers
piglet goals
piglet goals преди месец
@ur mom EXTREMELY loud audible YAWN!
ur mom
ur mom преди месец
also I think you can handle your mind annoyance at disclaimers if it makes someone feel more comfortable in this world
ur mom
ur mom преди месец
@piglet goals it's about rejecting the idea of a society of assumed heteronormativity and challenging straight people who are disrespectful of the lgbtq+ community. people feeling like they are being disrespected is valid and there's nothing wrong with a creator wanting to acknowledge that.
piglet goals
piglet goals преди месец
@ur mom I stay firmly with my opinion. If people don't learn to lighten up this world will be a very sad and humourless place.
piglet goals
piglet goals преди месец
@ur mom Why because my opinion does not line up with the masses. Well let's see now. I am Bisexual loud and proud since i realised in the 90s. My mother is Gay and has lived with her partner since i was 14 years old. My nephew is Trans and my neice is gay. I would say we have quite the range in there.
young veins
young veins преди месец
Cristine, this video made me so happy!! I've been following you for at least 6 years now I think, and I was definitely around when you made that "coming out as a holosexual" joke which made me really uncomfortable as a non binary lesbian from Russia, where coming out is something extremely dangerous and terrifying. still, I knew that as a canadian straight cis girl you just didn't realize the weight of your words, and I definitely noticed that you haven't been using this word for a while now so that's why I'm confident in supporting you. but you actually making a statement about it is really really important to me and the whole community! thank you
Piper Mahon
Piper Mahon преди месец
technically holo is pro lgbtq because its rainbow, so bein you is being suportive
Charlee Dimauro
Charlee Dimauro преди месец
I came out and My aunt told me if I ever got a girlfriend she would disown me ....
ur mom
ur mom преди месец
i hope you stay safe and know you're loved!
Charlee Dimauro
Charlee Dimauro преди месец
Omg thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Claire :]
Claire :] преди месец
omg im so sorry to hear that i wish you the best of luck ❤️❤️ lots of love 🥺❤️❤️
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones преди месец
Your channel is already supporting pride cuz you love every color of the rainbow aka HOLO
natalie claus
natalie claus преди месец
“America get your shit together” I’m re-watching this less than 2 weeks into 2021 and OH BOY that line is more prescient than before
Darian Ward
Darian Ward преди месец
Australian people don't have an accent I should know I'm australian
danutza преди месец
how many hours did it take you to make your nails?
Jacquie Lacanienta
Jacquie Lacanienta преди месец
I really appreciate this video. You are such an amazing person and BGcdr. Thank you
White Gem
White Gem преди месец
Def an amazing vid and no problem in celebrating something that amazing. However Christine stay out of American politics thank you🙃
_Addie_ преди 15 дни
Uhm miss girl Cristine is helping lgbt people feel welcomed. She is doing way more good than harm. stfu pls and ty
lemcnqide преди 27 дни
@White Gem LMAO WHAT- 💀 I'M LITERALLY 19 PLS and my age won't hide the fact that simply has all rights to talk about what she wants bye-
White Gem
White Gem преди 27 дни
@lemcnqide omfg you’re a kpop stan LSIDUDJ your opinion literally has 0 value and I’m not going to argue with you. You’re probably 12 shsudidkn bye💀
lemcnqide преди 27 дни
and who do you think u are to decide what she can do and not? 🙃
Kawaii Polar
Kawaii Polar преди месец
Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights I could go on forever.
Tabby Animations
Tabby Animations преди месец
@Kawaii Polar of course. People should be able to be who they truly are I don’t see anything wrong with it❤️
Kawaii Polar
Kawaii Polar преди месец
@Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago anything for the fellow trans people :D
Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago
Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago преди месец
Hello I’m a trans man. Thank you for believing in us
Kawaii Polar
Kawaii Polar преди месец
@Tabby Animations thank you for being that way!
Tabby Animations
Tabby Animations преди месец
👏YES👏 (I’m straight and cis but I support!)
Weird Person
Weird Person преди месец
"It's much better to educate than hate on people who just don't know better" ✨🏳️‍🌈I love this channel🏳️‍🌈✨
Molly Simpson
Molly Simpson преди месец
this year has been so long 😭 I thought this was a video from like, 2 years ago. Then she started talking about covid and everything and I can't believe this is such a recent video
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