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Feubrune преди 6 месеца
Re: the "neither male nor female" question. First my credentials: I'm non-binary, and while I was born in Germany, I lived in France for about 13 years, so I'm fluent in French, though it's a bit rusty since I moved back to Germany. Also, I'm doing my best to explain it as well as I can for those who don't speak French. There is no formally accepted gender neutral pronoun. As far as the académie française is concerned, there is only male and female. However, what Ben said about the gender binary is true, and so we've invented ways to refer to people in a gender neutral way. There is no "they/them" pronoun in French, but we do use neopronouns. The most common one is "iel", which is a combination of "il" (he) and "elle" (she). There are other ones, such as ael, ol, ille, but they're less common. "iel" is the most widely accepted one. Actually, Twitter has started incorporating "iel" into its French site recently, instead of writing "il/elle". Now, in French, every adjective and some verbs have a different ending depending on the gender of the noun, and again, traditionally, there's only male and female endings. Let's take an easy example: the adjective "petit", meaning small or young. The male form is "petit", the female form is "petite". What we do is just kinda mashing both forms together, and separating the male and female endings with a dot. So we would write "petit.e" instead of "petit/petite". This only really works in writing, though. When speaking, personally, I use the male form to refer to myself, because it's considered "less gendered" than the female form, if that makes sense? So when speaking, I'd say "quand j'étais petit" (when I was younger), but in writing I'd use "quand j'étais petit.e". /** Side note: the male form is considered gender neutral in a way because the male plural form of an adjective is used as an all encompassing plural form. For example, when there's a group with only men, you'd say "Ils sont petits". (They're small/short). When it's a group with only women, you'd say "Elles sont petites" (They're small/short). However, when there's both men and women, even when there's more women then men (even when there's only one man and the others are women), you always default to the male form and male plural pronoun. This is something that some of us try to avoid, though, and for a group with mixed genders, we started using the pronoun "iels" (a combination of "ils" and "elles") and the gender neutral form of the adjective. **/ This can get a bit clunky with longer adjectives, for example "heureux", which means happy. The male form is "heureux", and the female form is "heureuse", so the mashed together gender neutral form would be "heureux.se". But we don't have anything else at the moment and probably never will. Also, what I and a lot of other non-binary people tend to do is avoid using gendered language altogether. There are adjectives, for example, where the male and female form is the same. "jeune", for example, which means young. So, instead of saying "quand j'étais petit.e", I'll favor "quand j'étais jeune" because it flows better. This isn't always possible though, and requires a lot of mental gymnastics at times. So yeah, that was your short lesson on using gender neutral language in gendered langauges.
Zoe Marie
Zoe Marie преди 8 дни
Mostly like spanish
Marie преди 22 дни
just wanted to add this is very new and only a few people use it because it is so complicated to write and it is probably not gonna change the fact women are paid 20% less however if you do not have a gender I guess it could help you feal comfy with your speach...
Anna Dejneka
Anna Dejneka преди 2 месеца
Yeah, its pretty much the same for Slavic languages. My native tongue is Czech and everything has a gender. Since we dont have any “neutral” pronouns, Ive heard non-binary people use the masculine form for themselves. It is probably the easiest way around this, since creating new forms is pretty hard in Czech. But I could be wrong because I never met anyone nonbinary. But, for English speakers, we dont see things gendered. Like, even tho chair in Czech is feminine, we dont really percieve it like that. Its just a chair. And genders are just a matter of grammar, which also helps the language to be richer and complex
Artemis015 преди 2 месеца
I say "eux". While it technically implies plurality, it basically translates to "they/them".
Alanna Peoples
Alanna Peoples преди 2 месеца
Briana M
Briana M преди 25 минути
If they don’t identify then you call them il and if you don’t know the gender you always say il (I’m not French but I do French class)
Defebwar преди 13 часа
This brought me so much joy. I was having flashbacks to Latin class every time Ben was conjugating. Eram eras erat eramus eratis erant. Sometimes I just sing that to myself when I'm bored. I'd love to see another one of these videos somewhere down the line if inspiration strikes again. :D
Agnes Mina
Agnes Mina преди 23 часа
So I speak French as a third (skill wise) / fourth (chronologically) language. I use it with clients I support by phone and email. It's certainly harder than English and no, there's no neutral gender in it (there is in Romanian and in German - and I should know whether there is in Danish but I forget XD)
Bubblebeeps преди ден
I’m in late grade 6 French emersion and I understood a lot
Cindy Juarez
Cindy Juarez преди ден
Things I want to point out: Technically a toothbrush is a cleaning brush and the french tips are normal tips and not at all "not boring" as Cristine would say.
Rebekka Isaac
Rebekka Isaac преди ден
This made my day
tntuof преди 2 дни
This is definitely one of the best simply videos ever
Polly Elleshar
Polly Elleshar преди 3 дни
Many languages has genders about objects. Idk why tho. Mine also have it
Siren in the sea
Siren in the sea преди 3 дни
I am from bulgaria so my first language is bulgarian my second language is english now i am learning my third language French ( haha that's kinda crazy)
C. HC преди 4 дни
I realised gendered languages were insane when I found out that tampon is a male noun in Spanish and I ...
goldranger2 преди ден
What?! LOL
Gabrielle преди 4 дни
As a canadian that speak fluent french this was hilarious
ballerina _alert
ballerina _alert преди 4 дни
“Super Dope”
Evelyn Webber
Evelyn Webber преди 4 дни
Ben just saying whatever he knew in French is hilarious
Adele perreault
Adele perreault преди 4 дни
any french people correcting their french mistakes 😂
Suna Rintarō
Suna Rintarō преди 4 дни
I'm in 2nd year and I live in Ireland so the school years are different but for reference I am 13 and have been studying french since I was around 11 so I'm no where near fluent but I can understand it pretty well
Giada Zamboni
Giada Zamboni преди 4 дни
In Italian too Things are "gendered", like "la finestra" wich is "the Window" is female, but like.. "il cibo" wich is "the food" is male.... It's curious how some words are female in Singular but male in Group and vice-versa, like ears, "l'orecchio" it's one ear and is male but "le orecchie" are 2 ears and it's female... My language's fucked up lol
Gracie Ledger
Gracie Ledger преди 5 дни
When Cristine said good idea, Cristine, good idea, all I could hear was Funny day, Cristine, funny day!
Priscilla Roy
Priscilla Roy преди 5 дни
"People that think French is romantic haven't been to Quebec." Me a Quebecer: ouch my heart 🤧
alysée couquillou
alysée couquillou преди 5 дни
To respond to the question of neutral gender, "iel" can be used even if it's not official, it's more urbanish, and used among the youngsters. For the official version "il" is the "neutral" pronoun that is used, "le masculin remporte sur le féminin(= the masculin wins over the feminin) " is what we are taught. it would be preferable to use "iel". As it is getting more popular (since 2010) I mean "iel" is the most famous one, there are other ones like "ul, ulle, ol, olle..." just if u don't know ask the personne they ll tell u what they prefer
Aimee Crawford
Aimee Crawford преди 5 дни
I’m taking french 1 and I can say I studied by watching this lmao
Chelsea Lockwood
Chelsea Lockwood преди 5 дни
As a francophone American, this is absolutely hilarious.
Johanne Edenberg NIELSEN
Johanne Edenberg NIELSEN преди 5 дни
I’ve watched this video a criminal amount of timesss😹😌❤️💋💅🏻
PopPunkPrincess97 преди 5 дни
I never realized how similar French is to Spanish!
Jana Suthers
Jana Suthers преди 5 дни
I know very little French but I do know is related to ballet
Satturni преди 5 дни
this made me realize how much french and portuguese are similar
Kaminailia преди 6 дни
I forced my brother to watch this video with me (cause I kept referencing it everyday) and he said he enjoyed Beyyn’s comments and weird conjugation the most.
YzK преди 6 дни
I'm French and luv ur videos
alayna olive
alayna olive преди 6 дни
9:03 i SCREAMED ugh kitty baby
Not my Name
Not my Name преди 6 дни
3:15 My arabic skills felt that on spiritual level
Coco Playz
Coco Playz преди 7 дни
Me and my sister are French and English and we where laughing so hard 🤣😂🤣
Emily Crowley
Emily Crowley преди 7 дни
man they're high
Zoe Marie
Zoe Marie преди 8 дни
Snakes are male
Bumbles Keira
Bumbles Keira преди 8 дни
Ben: i work in a office why do i need to know rainbow Also ben: ALIENS ARE EXTRAORDINARY
Dixie Cripps
Dixie Cripps преди 5 дни
Ben: Perfect like the yogurt
K's World
K's World преди 8 дни
s was boring
Maria Aikaterini
Maria Aikaterini преди 8 дни
I love how concerned they are about the gendered objects in French....*laughs in romanian*
nickyeastman преди 8 дни
Do more French speaking videos! I do not speak french at all but this was so entertaining I loved it
{Kaÿlaš Lifë}
{Kaÿlaš Lifë} преди 9 дни
“Shit everything is a female!” Me: sac-a-dos? (M) (backpack NOT SURE IF RIGHT)
{Kaÿlaš Lifë}
{Kaÿlaš Lifë} преди 9 дни
Me: only understanding some words from French class- Oui=Yes Un= A (m) Une= A (f) Des= plural
Gaya Avetisyan
Gaya Avetisyan преди 9 дни
Une petit fuck up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😂😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂
Gaya Avetisyan
Gaya Avetisyan преди 9 дни
Whatttt i didn't see this video, how could i miss it?
_Merlerie _
_Merlerie _ преди 9 дни
Me learning englisch as a 2. Language and francais as an 3. One ...i dont like it .....la/le français
mockel haSi
mockel haSi преди 4 дни
So relatable
IAMGIRAFFE423 преди 10 дни
Je parle la fracais et je suis en trian de etudier plus.
Bore Solenne
Bore Solenne преди 10 дни
Thumb nail= miniature
Romane Condé
Romane Condé преди 10 дни
Vous êtes trop forts !
Stacie Abreu
Stacie Abreu преди 10 дни
Yea my. First language was when I was a baby it was blah blah blah blah and my second language is English that I’ve learned completely but I haven’t mastered in Spanish but am pretty good at it.
Yasmin Chaudhary
Yasmin Chaudhary преди 10 дни
New series : french with BENJAMIN
Christina Zhu
Christina Zhu преди 11 дни
Paola Chorro
Paola Chorro преди 11 дни
Its like in spanish, Btw french is the mix of english and spanish, because we use femenine and masculine for objects (the chair/la silla)
_ I am no one
_ I am no one преди 11 дни
I am Chinese and I am pretty at English
deXu tch
deXu tch преди 12 дни
i am from canada so i do kinda wanna learn french but its hard-
Random Stuff
Random Stuff преди 12 дни
Nobody: Me: *Adds Alienating in every sentence*
Anika B.
Anika B. преди 12 дни
Me learning french in school for half a year now: lets see how much i can understand 😼
cylia san
cylia san преди 13 дни
The unexpected " ferme ta bouche " killed me 😂
Ruby JT
Ruby JT преди 13 дни
my dad speaks french all the time, and surprisingly i've picked up more than i thought.
Nora Lemer
Nora Lemer преди 13 дни
I speak French. And I'm pretty sure some viewers are too.
Nora Lemer
Nora Lemer преди 13 дни
I speak French. And I'm pretty sure some viewers are too.
Dixie Gaming
Dixie Gaming преди 14 дни
I have been learning Spanish for ten years at school I know 2 sentences
Emilie Cracknell
Emilie Cracknell преди 14 дни
This video was all sorts of perfect in its imperfections. This made me laugh so much. My mum's French and my dad is English and I just haven't been able to use my French skills in recent years! Merci!
hey handsome
hey handsome преди 15 дни
I once had a guest in our hotel yelling at me in french because I don’t speak french in Germany 😂 he was so mad, I’ll never forget this French mad man 😅
xxXShelby.DavisXxx преди 15 дни
So if we give objects a gender Then why do we get in trouble for objectifying someon THIS IS A BAD JOKE IM SORRY
Cheeriopuff преди 17 дни
Anyone else get a Spanish Colgate ad on this video 💀💀💀
goldranger2 преди 12 дни
No, but I've gotten spanish T-Mobile ads on it before.
cassE преди 17 дни
Ben just exclaiming "aliens are extraordinary!" is hilarious
Rachael Rice
Rachael Rice преди 17 дни
The re-watch ability of this video is unreal. I go back to re watch this video once a month
Akshita Gupta
Akshita Gupta преди 17 дни
did ben have some of that french wine before coming for this video
Nihal Rissane
Nihal Rissane преди 18 дни
Un petit fuck up😂
Gamyeon преди 19 дни
I've just stumbled on this video and it's hilarious. And don't worry, we don't get why objects are gendered either xD. Honestly, both your French isn't bad at all! But the mistakes are hilarious xD.
Deanna Loiero
Deanna Loiero преди 19 дни
11:22 😂 History folks 😂
Meghan Spencer
Meghan Spencer преди 20 дни
Cristine asking Ben if he likes her nail tools had the same reaction as my dad when I got them and showed them to him. Just straight up silence.
sapphire danny
sapphire danny преди 20 дни
Finnish is my first language and I think in Finnish instead of English but if your first language is English and you learn another one what language do you think in? asking for a friend
sapphire danny
sapphire danny преди 20 дни
"cooch" im DEAD
Peanut Harry styles
Peanut Harry styles преди 21 ден
“Let’s go boys“ SENT ME AND IDK WHY??
strawberry mlk
strawberry mlk преди 21 ден
jenni преди 21 ден
So many emotions in one video💁
Zsolt Domokos
Zsolt Domokos преди 21 ден
German is the same with the genders XD
Sophia Camille
Sophia Camille преди 21 ден
Can you just appreciate how the holo taco is perfectly sitting there for you to see
kate heinauer
kate heinauer преди 22 дни
me watching this doing a french test😂
Edit by Judy
Edit by Judy преди 24 дни
I always found French a beautiful language *until i needed to learn it for school* (ITS DIFFICULT AF)
Morgan преди 24 дни
Spanish is the same way with being a gendered language
Vanny Fan
Vanny Fan преди 25 дни
OK simply you that yours is bad mine I go by JJ say that in French
Jenna Hoole
Jenna Hoole преди 26 дни
Another question about the gendered noun debate. Who decides on the gender of unique nouns e.g. Glossy Taco? Do you Christine as the creator or do you just use the same gender as ‘nail polish’? Who decides if it’s le Glossy Taco or la Glossy Taco?
Orli преди 26 дни
I love how they were talking so loud the audio just kept peaking again and again. As a French student, this was hilarious.
Angèle Dufrenoy
Angèle Dufrenoy преди 27 дни
I'm French, I found this video hilarious!!!
Itsmetheweeb преди 28 дни
Ben is me in German class. Just conjugating every verb I hear.
Bluemorpho преди 29 дни
Voulez-vous ongler avec moi ? Guys you killed me 😂 I laughed so hard! And didn't feel offended (I'm French) at all so don't apologize!
SepticCookieOff преди 29 дни
Le « fermes ta bouche » de Ben, il est juste incroyable xDDD
Elizabeth Dal Bianco
Elizabeth Dal Bianco преди месец
la mûre mûre murmure sur le mur
Lisa Mendes
Lisa Mendes преди месец
In french neutral pronouns for non binary people for example are iel (most used), ael, ul, ol, ille, al, im We can say "Cette personne est lea plus magnifique et utilise le pronom iel, c'est ellui qui se maquille seul.e" I agree that makes no sense to gender objects, things like une fenêtre
Emma Contreras
Emma Contreras преди месец
Marie Gourdon
Marie Gourdon преди месец
I'm french and I loved this vidéo! About the nouns' genders, you need to know that back in the 18s century, nouns in french were gendered, but the gender of each noun was not stable. It was a f***ing mess. So some academics decided to gender nouns according to their importance and utility (remember that male were over female, blablabla. ..). By the way in french, some nouns are male in singular but transforms in female in plural 😅
Searra Hovendon
Searra Hovendon преди месец
Me: *having a bad gender night and feeling very icky* "time to not think about it" This Video: *exists*
term преди месец
the only thing i've learned from this video is that Ben loves Cheese
Lora Bienvenue
Lora Bienvenue преди месец
Par contre j'ai compris un truc et je suis totalement d'accord pourquoi on genre les choses 😭😂
Lora Bienvenue
Lora Bienvenue преди месец
Oooooh je comprends rien a l'anglais et bas je trouve que vous parlez plutôt bien Français 😂❤️❤️
Michelle J.
Michelle J. преди месец
It's so funny to me that she adressed Ben with the formal 'you' 'vous' insteadt of the less formal, familiar you 'tu' :D
Djurdjija Zivadinovic
Djurdjija Zivadinovic преди месец
my favorite thing is the fact ben developed from hating the camera/looking shy around it, making jokes about leaving cristine, to him goofing off and making his own gags on camera, and cristine making those jokes at him. it kinda really cool
Random stuff with Izzy
Random stuff with Izzy преди месец
As someone who sucks at French but still knows the basics this was hilarious
Jade Bélanger
Jade Bélanger преди месец
Omg Im bilangual and I laught so hard😂 tea in French is thé and one an masculine object: desk we say le bureaux
ISHA BISWAS преди месец
As a college teacher, suddenly hearing "JacQUeS DerIRRdA" "MiCHeL FoUCauLt" in that accent took me out
Victoria Sloan
Victoria Sloan преди месец
I could watch French videos all the time as long as there’s subs. I do it with Korean videos all the time.
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